Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wicked After Dark Halloween Blog Hop

Hell-oh there everyone, and welcome to my salubrious and steamy post for the Wicked After Dark Halloween Blog Hop!

Today I am sharing another little snippet from my upcoming novella The Queen of Storms, and 5 lucky readers will have the chance to win a newly minted Kindle copy of the book AND a copy of White's Nights #1, my little collection of naughty short!! All you need to do to win is leave a comment and your contact info below, and, at the end of the hop, I will pick 5 lucky winners and send the copies to them!
In the lil excerpt below, we find the beautiful Sidhe witch-queen Sin toying with her ensared, besotted victim, getting him ready for her coup de grais!!
*   *   *   *   *   * 
“Anything I have that you want is yours,” he said thickly, his throat tight with need, the pain from the myriad of thorns and branches holding him forgotten, as the heat from her hand radiated along the length of his cock and out into the depths of his body and balls.  Her blood-red lips parted in a wonderful, heart-piercing smile, showing two rows of even, white teeth, and her dexterous tongue ran lightly over her lips, leaving a sheen of moisture on their redness.

“Then you’ll not mind if I help myself, then, sir?” she asked. 

Without waiting for an answer, she dropped to a knee and lowered her head, bringing her lips close to the glistening, purple head of his cock.  Holding him firm before her mouth, she gently licked around the throbbing knob, rubbing it again and again, before finally slowly covering it with the smooth wetness of her mouth.  While her hand had been warm, and her tongue warmer, her mouth burned with a fury that seemed to come from the fires of Hell itself, and Gerry threw back his head and howled in passion as blood rushed through his body to inflate his tortured manhood even more.  Slowly, carefully, she took him deep into her throat, then, her strong lips gripping him hard, teeth dragging along his tenderized skin, she pulled back up the length of his shaft, and smiled as he exited her entrancing mouth.

“Is that acceptable to you, sir?” she asked ingenuously, looking up into his face.  He looked down into her sparkling eyes, unable to understand why she had stopped extracting her payment.

“It’s fucking wonderful,” he said, trembling as she continued to gently wank him, squeezing the tender head of his prick between her fingers.  “Please, take all you want.”  She smiled back up at him.

“Oh, I certainly intend to, sir, I certainly intend to!”

*   *   *   *   *   *

Is that scorching or what? Phew!

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Have a HOT and HORNY Hallowe'en, y'all!

Ashen xxx