Thursday, December 30, 2010

If music be the food of love...

As the Bard himself says, music is one of those tools that can really make or break that sensual moment.  I find inspiration and stimulation for a lot of my erotic writings by using certain tunes to "get me in the mood", as it were. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I can share some of my favourite inspirational and stimulative tunes with you all.  Some of these I may have shared earlier, but it never hurts to "Play It Again", eh!

The Ballrooms of Mars - T.Rex

Significantly under-rated on the American side of the Atlantic, Marc Bolan was the originator of "Glam Rock", the musical genre that spawned the likes of David Bowie, Gary Glitter and The Sweet.  T.Rex was hugely successful everywhere else in the World except the North American continent, and "T.Rextasy" was the natural successor to "Beatlemania".  Bolan wrote a plethora of romantic and raunchy songs - maybe I'll list some of them someday - and Ballrooms of Mars is one of his best.

Bird of Paradise - Snowy White

A tale of love and loss, performed exquisitely by the very handsome Snowy White, a superb blues guitarist who was part of Thin Lizzy, way back before my time.

Hello Again - Neil Diamond

One of the most romantic songs Neil ever penned, and always the precursor to a wonderful evening - either at the keyboard - or elsewhere...  (Nudge-nudge wink-wink!)

Budapest - Jethro Tull

An excllent song from the flute master of Folk Rock, with the kind of superb imagery that's always useful for setting the erotic scene.  Nice and gentle - romantic, even - but those images leave you with a certain warmth - "Yes, and her legs went on forever, like staring up at infinity, through a wisp of cotton panty and a skin of satin sea."  Hot night in Budapest!

Jersey Girl - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Never one of the great singers, this is Bruce at his warmest, sexiest, most brilliant best.  I warp this into "Geordie Girl" - those who know, know why - and it's a wonderful, romantic and soul-filling ballad.

Half the World - Belinda Carlisle

Sighs! Wants! Needs! Sighs!
A beautiful song with those underlying currents of desire and passion, portrayed beautifully by the beautiful Belinda. If only...

I use this song to add to my mood when in the erotic zone!  Easy to see why!

Je teme - Gainsbourgh and Birkin

Hot! HOT! HOT!!
Just watch the speakers melt.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Pandora's Box

This is the original version of the song by Jim Steinman that was subsequently ripped off by Celine Dion and Meat Loaf.  This version is so much better than either of those, so much raunchier, so much more tender, so much more real.  Elaine Caswell has a wonderful voice, and this song thrills me on so many levels!  So, if you touch me like this, and I hold you like that...

Incidentally - I couldn't find a YouTube version of my favourite piece of sensual music, so I'll work on that and post it up there myself!



On Reading Frankenstein!

I have just finished reading the actual "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, and I have to say - I am amazed!

The story Shelley wrote bears little resemblance to the movies that have terrorised and thrilled watchers over the years. And, as far as the monster itself is concerned, the movies are far, far from the mark!  Sure, Shelley's description of the Monster is of a giant, grotesque, ugly creature "of such loathesome yet appalling hideousness", but that is where the comparison stops.  The dumb, clumsy, dare I say goofy, monster of the films in no way represents the eloquent, self-educated, indestructible, super-human of the book.  The sub-title of the book  - The Modern Prometheus - gives a clearer indication of what the Monster is really about.

Certainly, the Monster does become an evil fiend, perpetrating horrendously malicious acts upon Frankenstein's family and friends.  But that is not, seemingly, how he originally thought, and his acts were driven by the anger and pain caused by the actions of Victor Frankenstein himself - even if we grant that the original murder of Frankenstein's young brother was an accident.  All of the subsequent murders and acts of terror were aimed to cause pain to Frankenstein as recompense for his refusal to create a bride for the Monster, in the same form as himself, which would have allowed him to have some form of companionship throughout the rest of his otherwise doomed-to-be-alone existence.  In much of what the Monster says, we can pity him, but the depravity of his acts counteracts our feelings, and leaves us in a quandary: What should we feel for this hideous creature - fear and horror, or pity and sorrow?

Why the majority of film makers have never focussed on the true nature of the Monster is easy to see - it is a very complex character to translate into the small amount of time a film allows. Also, the timeline of the novel stretches over a number of years, and the timeline of a typical Frankenstein movie is usually a number of days.

Before I totally castigate all Fankenstein horror movies, I'll reserve my final judgement until I see De Niro's performance as the Monster.  I'd hope the portrayal by such an accomplished actor would be more in line with Shelley's own vision, and I look forward to seeing it.

I'll let you all know how it goes!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Only Place To Waltz...

This atmospheric song takes me to places I really need to be, and it's the only place to rock!

The Ballrooms of Mars

Happy dancing!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Longest Night...

Winter Solstice - December 21, 2010, at 23:38 UTC.

This is the longest night of the year, and, for many followers of the arcane (and therefore Pagan) mythologies, it is the true time of Death and Rebirth, the true New Year, the symbolic end (death) of the old year, and the start (birth) of the new.

As the Wiccans like to chant...

The Holly King cometh!
His end draweth near.
Tonight He will die
At the wane of the year!
Tonight He will fall
At the dark of the Sun.
His season hath ended,
His giving is done!

The Winter Solstice is the origin of numerous traditions, superstitions and rituals that have, over the millenia and landscape, been carried down to become part of modern practices and songs. Many so-called Christmas traditions stem from the ancient traditions of the "older" religions, and were actually consciously included into the new religion so as to coerce as many of the followers of those older religions to join the new one, which, with so many familiar practices, the people found easy to do.  Practices such as burning the Yule Log and spreading its ashes, decorating with "boughs of Holly", and kissing under the Mistletoe come directly from the Celtic religion, where they are part of that religion's worship of trees.  Holly is one of the holy trees of the Celts, and Mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant that lives on Oak trees - another Celtic holy tree.

And, of course, the very fact that we decorate a "Christmas Tree" directly connects us to the pagan tribes of ancient Europe.

So, Hail to the Oak King!  The Oak King Cometh! And, to all my Christian friends, and to everyone else in the World, I wish you all a Happy Yule, and a peaceful and fruitful New Year!

After all - the majority of these ancient traditions are actually fertility rites - and what else would an erotica writer wish for? ;-)



Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Aphrodisiac of Power

So, here I am, working on a sequel to "Glass Floor Benefits", and the subject material leads me into a consideration of Power, and how Power can drive the sexual needs and actions of those who feel its benefits.  The "Ubiquitous They" (U.T.) say Power is an Aphrodisiac, in that the emotions and feelings that are both part of the feed into the Power Situation, i.e. the opportunity to exercise Power, and the satisfaction and exhilaration that come out of the successful completion of the Power Situation, are very similar to the drives and emotions that feed our sexual needs.  In fact, many people who experience the successful Power Situation describe their feelings as being the closest thing to sexual tension and orgasmic release that they have experienced.

There are many who regard Power as the ultimate aphrodisiac.  It is a famous quote of Dr. Henry Kissinger, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer wrote a whole book on the subject.  Julia Allison wrote a very interesting blog entry, Power Is An Aphrodisiac, in which she describes how many political males seem to attract hot, young women, while politically and socially powerful women usually don't!  So, is Power an aphrodisiac for men only, or is the attraction a double-edged experience? 

For me, I know that, when writing about the Power Situation in any work, erotic or not, I find the activity stimulating on a number of levels, not just sexually.  However, the fact that there often is some sexual arousal that comes out of working on those stories and articles leads me to believe that the U.T. are right, Power certainly IS an aphrodisiac, and the more we exercise it, the better it gets!  Which then leads me to Power in the Bedroom.  Is being the powerful, dominant partner during love making an aphrodisiac, and does it get better the more you exercise it?

You Betcha!!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Ten of Swords

I always approach Tarot with a tremble, and some trepidation. Maybe it's the Romany in me, feeling its way across the generations, that let's me know that Tarot is not the toy that many believe it to be - a quaint way of telling tales of the Past, Present and Future. Tarot is, indeed, much, much more. Never a toy to be fooled with, but a tool for the guiding of Life.

Like most Tarot practitioners, I have many decks, but only one that is charged with links to my psyche and spiritual energies, and that's the one I use when doing readings for myself, or others. My elder sister once tried to use this deck, and it burnt her hands when she held it!  Judge for yourself whether this is a strange phenomenon or not!

The other decks I collect for a number of reasons - often to see if they do feel charged when I hold them and study them, but most often for their beautiful artwork. Tarot decks are, indeed, small collections of amazing artistry and beauty, filled with archetypes and images derived from Humankinds impressioned Past, leaving us guidance and choices for Humankinds Present and Future. One of the most beautiful and powerful decks to be released in recent years is The Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya Hemharnvibul.  Fenestra is Latin for Windows, and this deck is designed as a series of Windows filled with Tarot symbolism and beauty. I chose the Ten of Swords from this deck as the image for my avatar, and background. Here is why...

Every time I look at that image - it makes me tremble! It portrays a beautiful Woman, prone and pierced with the Ten Swords of the card. But it is more than just an image.  It has beauty, both in the artwork, and in the image of the Woman, beauty showing the love the artist had, and the viewer sees. The body almost seems to be real, and the Swords piercing her show both Power and Passion. Power, in the sense of absolute ownership of that Woman - ownership enough to give the owner the right to do to her what they did. Passion in both the driving force to perform those incisions, and in the need to do that! What has driven the Perpetrator of those acts to perform them? What did the Woman do to deserve such treatment? And why are the swords driven in the locations they are? Some are definitely sexually driven, seeming to be forced into the sexual zones of the victim. Others are positioned to cause pain - yes - but not to distract from the lissome beauty of the Woman. None of them are placed at random, but with care and attention to result, again displaying the Love and Passion the artist and the Perpetrator have for the Woman.

All that I see in that card - and it grows every time I study it - ties its imagery to my own passions and psyche, and that is why I chose it, and why I love and venerate it so much.

Ashen xxx

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kelly Rides Again!!

Those wonderful people at Every Night Erotica have just informed me that the next installment of Kelly's Summer Saga will be published on EveryNightErotica on Tuesday, November 9!  That's excellent news, as now you'll all be able to see what poor ol' Renzo didn't, and, believe me, it's the steamiest so far!

There are two more parts to Kelly's Summer Saga in the pipeline ready to go, and they'll help keep us all warm as the cold Winter nights move in.  Then, there's a few more tales of passion and absolute naughtiness I am working on right now.

Best of all, I get to share the limelight again with such erotica luminaries as Rachel Kramer Bussel, Moxie Malone, Giselle Renarde, Rachael LeFavre, Saskia Walker, as well as the numerous wonderful eroticists I follow on Twitter.  I owe a debt to them all for paving the way, and love each and every one of them!  My gracious thanks, ladies! 

And thanks again to Jennifer and everyone at Every Night Erotica!

Now - back to the fun, fun, hmmmm - FUN!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

That Time Of Year - Again!

And, in the twinkling of an eye,
Another year has passed me by!

A black cat crossed my path today.
I smiled, it hissed, and ran away.

I wonder what fortune - Bad or Good,
Will it bring me in the Eros-hood?

So many tales to spin have I,
Yet, in the twinkling of my eye,
Another year has just passed by!

"Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me..."



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Breath which smells of crows!

Good news for all erotica fans and writers!

Those wonderful people at Penguin have finally got round to updating the Kama Sutra!
In the article at Updating the Kama Sutra in the National Post last Monday, Roya Nikkah tells the tale behind this new version of the old classic sex manual, including new sections aimed at modern enthusiasts of the ancient Hindu text. Alas, however, they are also making it a text-only work, so no more wonderful pictures of those difficult positions that we all laughed at (and tried to try out!) as teenagers! LOL

The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana has been the go-to work for sexual guidance for centuries, and, whether sniggered at or worked at, has provided countless hours of fun and pleasure to its readers. It's arguably the Number 1 best selling work of erotica of all time, and certainly one of the originators of the genre, and a much plagiarised, satirised, dramatised and copied book!

I am looking forward to reading the new additions, especially those sections dealing with "Getting Rid Of Him", "Easy Women" and "Moves Towards Sex"! The only drawback now is - we'll have to use our imaginations now to visualize those wonderful moves!

Once I get a copy, I will write a review and post it here.

Roll on tomorrow!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

100 Today! Yay! (Or Nay!)

My great-grandmother is 100 today, and she is such an inspiration!

Oh - don't get me wrong!  I don't mean she is such a wonderful person that we will all miss when she finally does pop her clogs! O-o-o-h NO!  Let me be clear - the only reason she is still alive and kicking (and other things besides - believe me!) is because she is too damn evil to die! My favourite way of expressing it is - neither God nor Satan wants her!

But, she is such a wonderful inspiration to me, honestly! ;-)

If ever I need to dream up a character that is spiteful, deceitful, malicious, vicious, and thoroughly all-round ill-intentioned, I have the perfect role model.

Being fair, though, maybe it's her Romany blood that gives her that edge of evil - although I know many Rom in our family that are wonderful people - so can I really count that in the make up? Or maybe it's the pseudo-Victorian English Christian values she was imbued with, that cause her to hate men and despise sex as an activity derived directly from the bowels of hell! Or does she, really?  Hmm!  I have to think about that one!

I do have to thank her for the lurid tales of life, some she tells, some she experiences - such as accusing a newly married, young vicar of sexually molesting her - this when she was a haggard old crone in her 80's, and he barely out of his 20's - or of asking my mother, just a few days after my father's early death, why she was still upset! I mean - who ask's that kind of question?

Of course, her own husband was exiled in disgrace from the family - a pariah cast aside like excrement in the gutter of life - for having the temerity to even suggest that she give him a blow job! Poor guy spent the rest of his life repenting that, until he was ran down by a drunk driver in the mid-1970's, never having had the chance to demonstrate his undying love to her again - and being deprived of all contact with his own children and grand-children.

And she had the unmitigated gall to weep at his funeral!

And the tales go on, and I am now having such fun documenting these into a"real-life" novel. I have a working title, but I'm not ready to share just yet.  But I will...


I promise!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday's the Day!

I am sooo looking forward to the reaction to the publication of my short What Renzo Sees Next on Every Night Erotica TOMORROW NIGHT!  This is the second part of a 5-part saga, involving the garden adventures of Kelly and her husband, Jay, and girlfriend, Shari.  The first part - What Renzo Sees - was published on Every Night Erotica back on June 30, and can be read at this link What Renzo Sees.

While What Renzo Sees Next revolves mainly around what the two girls get up to in the garden, we still have the ubiquitous voyeurism of the little old Italian neighbour, Renzo, watching through his knothole! (Lucky guy!)

The next part of the saga - What Renzo Didn't See - has already been submitted to ENE for consideration, and is, even by my assessment, steamier than its predecessor, so I hope you all get to share it soon.  Right now, I am working on the sequel to that - What Renzo Sees Later - and will be submitting that to ENE by midnight on Sunday.

I get such a kick when each story gets published!  There's a real pleasure and, yes, arousal knowing others are reading and enjoying my vivid, sensual tales!  That's one of the main reasons I like writing erotica - it stimulates me and my readers in places other genres just don't reach!

As always, I'd love to read your feedback and comments on any and all of my works, so, please, feel free to write to me at  Also, if you read What Renzo Sees Next or any other of my stories on Every Night Erotica, please don't forget to give them a rating, so I know how much my readers like what I'm giving them.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Latest Submission...

Today I submitted "What Renzo Didn't See" to Every Night Erotica.  This is a continuation of the "Adventures of Kelly", and we've progressed from the back garden into the house and up into the bedroom!!  I'll just leave it to your imagination what she and her old school friend get up to there!  ;-)

Seriously, though, I am often surprised by how much personal involvement I feel when writing these stories.  Sure, I am writing a story around a character, but I am the kind of writer who really needs to feel the emotions and sensations my characters do.  The more you feel, the better you can portray their actions and reactions.  A long while back, a writing mentor told me that the best characters are those you, as the writer, really love.  In this statement, she meant love in its purest form, not just as a passing thought.  You need to invest time and care in developing your characters, even in a short story, so you have to know them inside out - who else can know them the way you do?  They are your babies, and are, in part, developed out of your feelings and emotions.  If you don't love them, your readers will see that, and not love them either.

Writing for me is very emotional, because I can feel the emotions and physical sensations of my characters deep within me as I write about them and their situations.  With erotica, this is even more so the case, because the activities they are partaking of inherently carry a lot of physical sensations and feelings that have to be portrayed, otherwise, all you are doing is writing pornography.  In trying to make erotica as realistic as possible, it is impossible not to feel what they are feeling, and enjoy what they are enjoying.  And that is why, for me, writing erotica is both very enjoyable, but also very draining.  It's like all the feelings and sensations of the relationship(s) being portrayed, without the actual physical activity.  Hopefully, I'll get to enjoy some of that later!  ;-)

Kelly's adventures will continue in "What Renzo Sees Later", and conclude in "Renzo and Me".  I'm looking forward to completing the saga, and I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting started in Erotica...

A friend on LinkedIn asked me today how I got started in Erotica, and here is part of the answer I wrote to her.


How did I start in erotica? Funnily enough, erotica was not my first choice of genre – not even close!  My original interest was Epic Fantasy – I was (am!) going to be the next Tolkien, and earn a fortune writing huge tomes of imaginary adventures populated by fantastic beings and filled with incredible dangers!  At the time, many of the so-called gurus of the genre were advocating making your scenes as detailed as possible – you can’t have too much detail in a fantasy world!  The more, the better, as it helps the reader visualize your world that much easier.

One of the aspects of fantasy that I had thought were missing – and still do – were the menial chores of everyday human life.  Things such as having to urinate, or doing a number 2, etc.  My thinking was – if we have to be very detailed, how come these details are being missed out?  A few of my scenes involved the developing relationships between various characters, and developing these eventually produced some very erotic narratives, which I thoroughly enjoyed writing!  ;-)

One of the sad aspects of writing Epic Fantasy is that it takes so darn long to produce anything worthwhile!  I had many other commitments in my life, and getting the time needed to do justice to my stories became more and more difficult.  So I started work on some smaller endeavors, which were based more in the real world, and erotica seemed to be a natural focus.  So I started experimenting with some short stories, and the feedback I got was very supportive and positive.  Then, the Every Night Erotica website started up, and, so far, has published 4 of my submissions, and I have one waiting a decision, and 8 more in the pipeline!


More later...


Sunday, October 3, 2010

The View From Here...

Here's a little poem I wrote a while back.
Wonder if you can guess what it's about.

The View from Here

Vision arises from the shadowed vale,
Peers through the darkling, dew-damp, musky bush
Beyond which, plains stretch, undulating.
Breeze-shimmered grasses, fine, silvered by light
Cast, wanton, by the sky-high-riding moon.

A dip, central, beshadowed, circled, cold,
Awaits the touch of twilight as it points
Onward, ever further, ever far.

At distance, on the leeward side of light,
A hill and hill, conical, turreted, and silver crowned,
Seem to quiver in the unkempt Night,
Casting back a wave, orgasmic, sensual,
That draws the view back down into
Its dew-damp, darkling, bush-ringed vale.

Let me know what you think!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Back to work!

It's the weekend (Yay!), and the best time for indulging in my passion to write.  The week is taken up with the business of "real work", but the weekend is made for writing!

I've had some ideas for new tales, and am putting these into action - I'll keep you posted as I go.
Also, I am going to collect some of my tales and poems, and start the process of putting them together in an anthology.  Once I've got the basics down, I'll either look for a "real" publisher, or experiment with self-publication.  I hear that is a good place to start, so, if I go that route, I'll let you all know.

Also, if anyone is willing, I'd like to get some feedback before I publish, so I'll be sending out free review copies to the first few readers (around 20 or so) who get back to me saying they'd like to review the book before I publish officially.  Just leave a comment, and I'll get back to you.

So - on with the weekend, and may we all have a wonderful, sensual, stimulating time!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making friends...

I have been having a great time linking up with members of the Writing Mafia group on LinkedIn.  It's nice to see how many friendly and open-minded people there are "out there".  I am honoured to be linked with each of them, and have been enjoying reading blogs and profiles galore.

I thank each and everyone of you, and hope you enjoy learning about me and my work as much as I have enjoyed learning about yours.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Erotica?

Thanks to all of you for so many kind words.  I am pleased to have brought a little entertainment, and maybe even scandal, to you.

I have been asked why I write erotica.
The fact is - I really enjoy it, and if you really enjoy doing something, then why don't you do it?

What surprised me about writing erotica was the number of women who are doing it!
Like many people, I thought that erotica was the domain of male writers, and that it was mainly deemed to be a form of "literary pornography"!

How wrong could I be??

The majority of erotica writers I have encountered, as well as the editors and publishers, have been female, and that has made it so much more interesting and stimulating for me.  The female POV (Point-of-View) is so much more sensual to me than the male, and female writers seem to have less hang-ups when describing the physical and emotional states of their characters in their tales than males writers do.  Males tend to approach erotica from the physical gratification POV, while females seem to focus more on the need and how it is satisfied.

Disagree?  Share your POV by leaving a comment below.

I look forward to sharing with you all for a long time to come.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to Business...

I just submitted my latest short story - What Renzo Sees Next - to Every Night Erotica for consideration.  It's really good to see how many authors they now have, and how many stories they have in the pipeline.  I just hope I don't have to wait too long for my latest offering to turn up in our readers' Inboxes!

Now I am starting work on the third part of the "Renzo" tales, although I may submit some others I have in mind and progress.  Lots in the pipeline, as well as the major "novels" I am working on.

I call them novels, although they are all mainly based on actual events.  You're always told to "write from what you know", and that's exactly what I'm doing.

I'll keep you all posted!


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Stories So Far...

For those of you who don't already know, I've pretty much started my writing career in a genre I would never have dreamed of being a part of but, now that I am, I'm finding it so much fun, and distinctly a turn on!

So far, I have been lucky enough to have four erotic short stories published on the Every Night Erotica website.

I know!!!  EROTICA!!!
Who would have thought it?!!

Anyway, if you like, you can read these published stories by following the links below:

Dining Out Tonight
Glass Floor Benefits
What Renzo Sees
Coming Aboard

The funny thing about Dining Out is that it was supposed to be Dining In Tonight, but I screwed up the title when submitting it!  LOL

I am currently working on 8 new stories for Every Night Erotica, as well as some longer works for a number of Erotica anthologies.  I'll keep you posted on my progress, and success or otherwise.

Have a read, and leave a comment.  Let me know whether you enjoyed the tales, or, if not, what you didn't like about them.


And it's off we jolly well go!

Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!

Many welcomes, yes.  Welcome, Ashen White, to the world of the blog.  And welcome to you, kind reader, for taking a little of your busy time to view my humble scribblings.

And what kind of blog will this be?

A little of everything, I fancy.  Maybe the mad ramblings of a struggling writer, detailing the long or (hopefully) short road to success.  Or the constructive criticisms (a.k.a. "The Whines") derived from the day-to-day experiences - the pleasures, the pains, the people and places - that add grist to the mill of the writer's soul.

I look forward to entertaining you all, and in stirring your emotions and imaginations, and in reading your feedback and comments.

They say writing can be a lonely profession, but, sharing mine with you all will make it less so for me.

So, once again, welcome!

Ashen White