Friday, October 17, 2014


Here's a new release you can't miss this Helloween!
Vampires, menages, BDSM, sex clubs, Dommes, subs, zombies... These eight original stories by some of today's hottest erotic romance writers have one thing in common – a Masquerade. Behind a facade, the constraints of society fade, and fantasies come to life. Lose yourself in the Masquerade, and explore your wildest desires. Let the games begin…
C.P. Mandara - Dancing With Death
Alisa Easton - Masked Desires
Paige Matthews - Secrets
Glenda Horsfall - Under Cover
Gale Stanley - Optical Illusions
Kayla Lords - The Iron Maiden
Dakota Skye - Dominating Justice
Hunter S. Jones - Fables Deux
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Touching Gloves - Shiralyn J Lee

I am honoured to feature today the latest release from best-selling author of Lesbian erotic tales, the ever-awesome Shiralyn J. Lee
Touching Gloves tells the life story of lesbian female fighter Serena Ward, a.k.a. Viper Girl.
Serena has a captivating passion for fighting in the ring, and is an undefeated female champion boxer who fights under the name of Viper Girl. This story focuses on her personal background with her girlfriend Holly, revealing the signs of unrest in their relationship, while Serena's sister Dawn finds out that her husband is cheating on her.
There's always a lot of enthralling story, and plenty of steamy, scintillating passion, in a Shiralyn J. Lee novel, so go out and get this one now!  
Get your copy on at the link here!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coins and Dice #1

Hi there, y'all!!

So, today I was perusing Twitter, as you do, and I noticed a Tweet from a friend of mine asking Where is all the Lesbian Sex in Erotica? This put me in mind of a story of mine that was originally published on Every Night Erotica, so I thought I'd re-publish the little gem here. :)

The story is based around a game my partners and I like to play once in a while, called Coins and Dice. It's always a lot of fun, as you will see from the story below. I've added a link back to a post I did a while ago with the rules to the game, so you can all indulge!

*   *   *   *   *

I stand before you, naked, warm, already aroused with anticipation, wetness seeping from between my glistening labia.  Having won the coin toss that gave you the right to be the Domme, you are wearing soft leather shorts and a black leather bra, and I suspect that is all, but I will not find out until later – if you want me to.  A roll of the die has made our Dining Room the dungeon for tonight, and you have prepared it well – a few pillows and towels on the table, and the arm restraints (another roll of the die) at the far end, a cloth hiding your secret selection of toys (one more roll of the die) on the buffet, a blanket covered bench at this end of the table, for you to kneel on while you undertake your ministrations on me.  
Casually you walk around me, inspecting me.  I tremble as I feel your fingernail slowly scoring down the length of my back, then step forward as you push me into the room.  You guide me along the side of the dining table until we are about halfway, then stop me and turn me to face the smooth, black surface. 
"Assume the position!" you command, and, obeying, I lean forward and place my hands on the edge of the table and spread my legs.  A sudden buzz fills the air, as you reveal your first toy of the night - a long, thin, illuminated vibrating wand.  My knees shake as you slowly drag the wand up the inside of my left thigh, across my tingling cunt lips, then down my right inner thigh.
"You like that, don't you?" you ask, and I nod gently in reply - subs aren't allowed to speak unless given permission.  Slowly you repeat the process, this time lingering longer at my cunt, working the knobbed end of the wand between my lips to rub my throbbing clit, making me gasp.  Teasing with the wand would only have been foreplay, but using it on my clit, cunt or asshole counts as an activity – and you won the right to complete 4 activities before I am allowed to come!
"Silence, sub!" you bark at me!  "You know the rules as well as anyone, my dear.  After all, you did invent this game!"  Stepping back from me, you reveal your second toy as, with a swish, the short leather thong of a dragon-tongue scourge whips across my right ass cheek!  I shudder but hold my tongue, the bright flare of pain already seeping inward.  Using a whip counts as another activity, leaving you with two.
"You're a crafty one," you whisper in my ear.  "You tricked me, didn't you?"  You grasp my hair in your left hand and turn my face towards you.  "Just for that," you say, then kiss me full on the mouth, our hungry tongues fighting each other to be the passionate victor.  On and on we kiss, our lips swelling to redness, as rays of arousal spread through my body.  Suddenly you pull my head away from yours, leaving me licking my lips.  You drop my head and step back, and deliver another whack of the whip, this time across my other ass cheek.  I shudder as the shock of pain flares through me, then feel the vibe of the wand caress my ass across the welts, then slide back between my thighs to harry my swollen clit again. You kick my feet further away from the edge of table, forcing me to lean forward.  With a sweet, sadistic chuckle, you gently insert the throbbing knob of the wand into my tingling cunt, and let go of it.  I clamp my yoni tight around it, increasing the sensation from the vibe, and close my eyes to concentrate. 
"You know what to expect if the wand falls out, right?" you whisper in my ear.  I nod, and feel the pointed end of the whip tickle my nipple, just a little warning of what could follow.  You pick up the nearest arm restraint and strap it onto my left wrist, then strap the other to my right.  As you walk by, you give the wand a gentle tweak, to see if it will fall, but I hang on to it with my soaking cunt, foiling your little plan.  You chuckle, and then pull the wand out of me.  Standing me up straight, you step in front of me and sensually suck my juices off the glowing knob, your eyes burning with passion.  Taking the wand out of your mouth, you gently nibble then suck my left nipple, nipping it harder between your teeth as your passion mounts.  The wand mysteriously finds its way back between my dripping cunt lips, pressing hard against my clit, as you switch to teasing my right nipple, rapidly building the orgasmic tension running through me.  Again I close my eyes, trying to keep my orgasm at bay – a sub is forbidden to come until her dom has completed all the activities she has won!
Just when I feel the first tremors tighten my throbbing cunt, you step back and drop the wand onto the table.  Following your command, I lie down in the centre of the table, on the towel you have so thoughtfully laid out.  Quickly you fasten the restraints to the legs of the table, then pull me to the far edge, where my legs overhang and my feet rest on the bench.  Checking the straps, you tighten them, making sure my arms are stretched as far as possible, making my breasts taught against my chest wall. 
A broad smile crosses your face as you reveal your last toy – a bottle of over-proof silver tequila – your favorite tipple!  Carefully you pour the liquid gold into your cupped hand, then rub your hands together.  Quickly, you massage my breasts with the fiery alcohol, the heat sinking deep into my nipples, driving up their sensitivity to an incredible height.  I squirm on the table as you continue to stimulate me, the smile on your face growing wider as you watch mine.  Just when the pleasure starts to turn to pain, you cease your torment, releasing my nipples and heading toward the end of the table, where my most vulnerable parts await your expert ministrations.
Carefully you position yourself between my open thighs, pushing up my feet to rest on the table end, widening my open, tingling sex before your eyes.  My wetness seeps down between my labia, soaking my anus and the crack between my cheeks.  Your fingers gently probe my labia, stroking them, then pulling them apart, and I feel the warmth of your breath as your face nears my aching, wanting cunt.  I bite my lip in anticipation of what is to come – you do cunnilingus so well, with skill and grace and passion!  But you have added a little twist – as your mouth opens to enclose my exposed bud, the mouthful of tequila you have been warming within flows out all over me, sending a shower of searing alcohol over my vulva, ripping a gasp out of me you could not ignore!  But you are too busy lapping cunt juice and tequila off my labia and clit, driving me wild with your dexterous tongue as it runs around my burning cunt.  Soon you bring your mouth back to suck my throbbing, swollen bud, your passion driving you to suck me harder than you’d intended, causing me to buck against the table, orgasm racing to my brain, getting closer, lick by lick and nibble by nibble!  You realize just in time how close and out-of-control I am when you hear me wailing, “No-o-o! Not yet, babe!”
Quickly you sit back, and I fight to keep my come at bay, curling my toes with the effort.
“Don’t you dare come yet,” you command.  “I haven’t fucked you yet!”
Quickly you strap the harness on, fitted with the 8 inch vibrating dildo that the roll of the die had given you!  A toss of tails from the coin had chosen the point of entry, and you deftly lube the monster up.  Pulling me back to the end of the table and pushing my legs up, you position yourself between the cheeks of my ass, rubbing the silicon head back and forth across my tingling sphincter, gently burning from a wayward trickle of tequila.  Slowly, oh, so slowly, inch by velvet inch, in and out, a little further with each thrust, you work the wonderful behemoth deep into my ass until, feeling the heat of your skin against mine, I know you are all the way inside me.
“Is that good for you, hon?” you ask, your dom role laid aside for the grand finale.
“You fucking know it, babe, you fucking know it!”  You give my nipple a playful flick with the whip, “because you spoke out of turn before, didn’t you?”
Gradually you pull the entire silicon prick out of me, then, just as slowly, push it all the way back in, raising my ass of the table.  Pulling out again, you repeat the process, getting  quicker with each thrust, until you have a strong, smooth rhythm going.  My ass grips the prick strongly each time you thrust into me, and the sensation of emptiness when you withdraw is agonizingly tangible.  You press the power switch, and the vibrator growls into life deep within me, seeming to tremble against my very womb itself, and the muscles of my stomach knot in protest as a new level of ecstasy approaches.  Adjusting the vibe to a deep, slow throb, you watch me as you fuck me, hearing my growing moans and sobs.  My arms strain against the restraints, my breasts as hard as rock, and my nipples reach for the ceiling as the tsunami begins to mount deep inside me.  I feel your thumb, wet with tequila, rubbing my clit, sending me over the edge into orgasmic terra nova.  On and on, thrust after thrust, you keep me coming and coming, controlling my orgasm with the loving thrusts of your perfect cock and the tender touch of your tantalizing fingers!
The look of pure joy that fills your face, your smiling mouth open wide in happiness, as I come for your delight, is the most beautiful sight to behold.  It drives me to come for you again and again, each orgasm stronger than the last - and still I want to give you more.  Just when it seems that I can come no more, you repent, and slowly bring me down from that mind-freeing plateau of ecstasy, withdrawing the pulsing strap-on from my throbbing anus and slowly massaging my swollen labia, as my orgasm-wracked body spasms in residues of trembling waves of passion. 
Quickly you loosen the restraints at my arms and help me to the couch in the living room.  Taking off your bra and skirt, you lie alongside me, the perspiration of our bodies mingling as you rub my wrists and kiss me passionately.  You hold me as the afterglow runs its languid, twitching course, then smile as your eyes fill with their wanton mischief again. 
"My turn," you say, dropping the bag of coins and dice gently onto my chest. 

*   *   *   *   *   *  

I hope that left you as warm and ready as it left me. Leave me a message below letting me know how you'r feeling right now - and what you're going to do about it!

And here's a link to the blog post that brought this all back to mind - Where is all the lesbian anal sex?

You can find the rules for Coins and Dice by clicking here.

Have fun, y'all! 

Ashen xxx