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Coming Aboard - An Erotic Sci-Fi Story

Coming Aboard

Ashen White

Maryssa D’Equipe couldn’t believe her luck.  The scans of her Class 5 Deep Space Salvage-Recovery ship, The Myrmidon, had picked up the shadow of a floating starship hulk some 3 parsecs away, and she’d made a bee line for the meandering wreck, racing against any other wreckers who might spot the huge, dead metallic mass and beat her to it.
“Not likely, this far out,” she mused to herself.  “But better safe than sorry!”  Maryssa liked to hunt on the edge of known space, even though that always brought with it the risk of attack from some as yet unknown alien life form.  That just added to the thrill of the chase, and thrills of any kind were few and far between this far out.
“At least this will get me a few million credits – some of which I’ll take pleasure in wasting on a well-endowed stud or two on AC 6, or Earth, or somewhere where they don’t mind helping out a lonely space chick with her special needs.”  She mulled over the possibilities in her mind, feeling the usual stirrings – aches of need – in her loins.  “Soon, baby, soon,” she soothed herself.
The sleek lines of The Myrmidon pulled slowly alongside the gigantic piece of space junk, and Maryssa initiated a number of low-level scans.  She needed to determine for certain that there were no life forms on the wreck, or she wouldn’t be allowed to claim it as hers, never mind the difficulties and dangers involved in trying to take a ship from its rightful owners might pose.  Maryssa had never backed down from a fight in her life, but preferred to choose her battles wisely.
“OK, baby, show me what you got.”  The ship hummed as the scanners tracked the wreck from end to end, top to bottom, and side to side.  It was dead – totally lifeless.  No power, no life forms, no atmosphere, no nothing!  Just a lump of metal floating in space.  And now, it was hers.
Quickly she maneuvered The Myrmidon up to the starboard side of the hulk and latched on, pulling her ship close enough to maintain a permanent attachment to her prize.  The external access door from her ship extended a tube that stuck to the metallic side of the wreck, and then cut a circular hole through the vessel’s outer hull.  A few moments later, Maryssa entered the airlock chamber, clothed in a black space suit with a large glass bulb of a helmet, clutching her trusty laser-rifle, fully charged – just in case – and walked through the short tube, stopping at the wall of the alien ship.  Moving with feline grace and prowess, she passed into the darkness of the unmanned craft and started exploring.  Cautiously but swiftly she moved through corridor to corridor, and searched through room to room, but everything was dark and empty – just spaces floating in space.  Time passed swiftly and, as her oxygen supply started to run down, she entered the heart of the ship – a big, black void that her torches couldn’t penetrate.  Deeper and deeper she went into the room, dust stirring about her feet, as the first alarm sounded in her helmet, telling her she had only 15 minutes to get back to her ship before the oxygen ran out.
It was as she turned to leave that she first heard the noise.  She spun round, shining her torch into the darkness – but there was nothing there.  Then she heard it again, a high-pitched garbled sound.  But she didn’t hear it in her ears – it seemed to come from the middle of her head, feeling almost like a tickle in the middle of her brain.  Again she scanned the void with her torch, which, to her horror, suddenly died, leaving her in total darkness.  Instinctively she lifted her rifle, the tiny LED’s of its power pack glowing, sweat starting to trickle down her neck, down her sides, down the inside of her thighs, hot in the clinging material of the airtight spacesuit.  She took a step backwards, and the lights of the gun died, too, making it another useless piece of space junk.
Maryssa swallowed hard, a knot of fear growing in her belly.  The alarm in her helmet whined again, and she turned to run back to the safety of The Myrmidon, waiting patiently for her return.  But no matter how fast she ran, she wasn’t getting anywhere – she didn’t seem to be moving at all!  Gasping in the thinning atmosphere of her suit, she stopped and turned back to the void.
“What the hell are you?”  she shouted.  In answer she heard and felt the noise in her brain again – whines and clicks and whirs and buzzes.  Then, slowly but surely, the noises began to make words.
“Whuwhu…  Whawhuwhu…  What the…  What the hell are you?”  The voice was deep and sonorous, rumbling in her head.
“I asked first,” Maryssa replied defiantly.  The voice was silent.  Suddenly something – Maryssa couldn’t see what – attached itself to her helmet!  She swung her arms about, trying to fight it of, but couldn’t make contact with whatever it was that was touching her.  Panic started to rise in her, and she could feel a scream starting to emanate from deep within her chest – but then the voice spoke again, deep and soothing.
“We come in peace,” it intoned.  “We are human.”
“No, you’re not,” Maryssa said defiantly.  “I am human.  I don’t know what the fuck you are!”
“Hmm!  Clothing!  Strange!”  Maryssa felt herself lifted up and turned over and around, then realized that whatever it was was probing the suit, trying to find out how to take it off.
“No!” she screamed in futility.  “You can’t do that, I’ll die out there!”  She flailed her arms about, but whatever it was took no notice.  It turned her about a few more times, then, with an “Ah-ha!” in her head, it found the latch to the helmet, and, with a hiss of escaping air, tripped it, as Maryssa screamed.  Quickly, dizzyingly, she was spun about and about and around until she was totally naked, every piece of clothing removed with incredible rapidity, yet gently, so as not to hurt her.  It was then that she realized she was still breathing.  There was an atmosphere in the void that hadn’t been there before.  And the air about her was warm, too.  Instinctively, she dropped her hands to cover her exposed crotch, breathing in deeply, trying to reduce the panic and fear.
“Maryssa!”  The voice intoned in her head.  “Human.  Woman.  Earthling.”
“When you’re done with the categorization,” Maryssa said, “maybe we can talk about you, eh, buddy – whatever you are?”
In response, she felt something warm and soft moving across her body, probing again.  She tried to swat it away, but couldn’t catch or touch it.  She shivered as she felt it move over her shoulder, then slide down, warm and gentle, to come to a stop covering her right nipple.  She gasped in anger, then paused as she felt it moving, changing, transforming on her breast.  It finally became a human mouth, complete with lips, and teeth, and a hot, wet, prehensile tongue!  Then it started to suck her breast gently, circling her hardening nipple, stimulating her in spite of her fear.
“So that’s your game, is it,” she said, her body already starting to feel that familiar ache of emptiness, now coupled with the growing flutter of arousal.  She lifted her hand in a feeble attempt to push the mouth off her tingling nipple, but still couldn’t feel anything solid.
Then a second mouth settled on her left breast, warm and moist, nibbling and sucking gently, sending tremors of sexual tension radiating down to her aching yoni, stimulating it to warm wetness.  As if in response to her thought, she felt something warm settle on the small patch of pubic hair covering her mons.  She thought about trying to brush it off, but then thought “What the heck!  Might as well enjoy it while it lasts!”
As if sensing her resignation, the alien started growing warmer on her mons, then started to spread, slowly, inexorably, down toward her waiting, wanting cunt.  Instinctively, she parted her legs, and, with growing pleasure and anticipation, felt the warmth spread down.  She quivered as she felt it probing her yoni, teasing first one lip, then the other, vibrating them gently in warm moistness.  She sighed, and breathed in deeply as she felt her labia slowly part, and the warm, tingling moistness flood over the skin between.  Quivers ran through her body as a soft, velvet tongue covered her hard, throbbing clitoris, rubbing it gently, sending waves of sexual release blasting through her womb and out to her extremities, joining the rays of stimulation as the other two mouths continued to suck her hardened nipples with growing passion.  She felt herself laying back as the three tongues worked away at her sweetest spots, then shuddered with passion and sighed deeply as she felt the warmth moving down to her wet and waiting vagina.
“Oh, yes, baby, yes,” she sighed, as the heat spilled into her aching wetness, and smiled when she felt it start to harden and grow, getting longer and warmer and thicker as it entered deep into her.  She groaned deeply, her womb quivering as the hot and by now hard piece of the alien pulled slowly back out of her cunt, then pushed itself just a slowly back in.  Slowly, gently, on and on, the alien fucked her, itself thrumming, vibrating, adding to the almost unbearable stimulation of her sexual appetites.
“Only one left” she thought to herself as her body trembled uncontrollably, and, in response, she felt the warmth of the alien spread down and under, covering her anus.  It paused there, vibrating and moist, as if pondering what to do, then, slowly, oh, so slowly, it worked its way into her ass, getting as hard and big and wet as the alien cock that was fucking her cunt.  She jerked and groaned, her eyes wet with the unending stimulation of her erogenous zones, her breasts and clit becoming beacons of sexual light and power, her ass and cunt, fucked in unison, throbbing and contracting, exploding as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her and through her, again and again, each one longer and more mind-blowing than the last.  From a long, long distance, she could hear herself wailing in ecstasy as each wave crashed though her, and, at some point she wasn’t aware of, it occurred to her that the alien wouldn’t know when to stop, when she’d physically had as much as she could handle.  A flicker of fear knotted her stomach, but was quickly washed away as yet another orgasm cleared her mind.
Then she could see it – the stars surrounding them, the ship floating in space, the unending night of the boundless universe around them, The Myrmidon, slowly being absorbed by the so-called wreck.  As each orgasm ripped through her, another part of the ship came to life, the energy of her sexual power giving it heat, and light, and soul.
And still she came and came, beyond bearability, beyond her physical endurance, as the glistening Star Ship Maryssa sailed majestically through the heavens.

Copyright (c) 2011 by Ashen White

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Posting this sweet pic just because I want to, this time on a Sunday evening, before a rough work week ahead!  

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I am so pleased to bring you the cover for the new BDSM novel from the amazing Paige Matthews and Dawn White (no relation, although she wishes!! ;) )
*   *   *   *   *   *
Raven's Seduction Press, Dawn White and Paige Matthews are pleased to announce the cover reveal for ...ROUGH SUBMISSION.

I wasn’t looking for love. No, I had made a decision – one to help those that needed it; to try and save a life. I thought joining the penpal program would be something to keep me distracted while I adjusted to my new life. I never thought I’d fall in love with a soldier…
I wasn’t looking for love. I had everything I needed; my platoon, my career, my focus. When it came to women, I got what I needed when I needed it- nothing more, nothing less. Until I received that first letter. She changed that, but as I walk down the aisle she still doesn’t know the secret I keep hidden. I never thought I’d fall in love with an angel. How can I bring her into my world?


Pre-Order Link: $.99 until Release!



About the Authors

Paige Matthews grew up in a small town in Western Connecticut. After receiving a BA and MA in Literature and writing, Paige began to focus on writing her own style of fiction. Paige focuses on the emotional aspects of the D/s relationship, and writes primarily BDSM fiction. In 2015, Paige signed with Raven's Seduction Press.  When Paige is not writing or working her full time job, she can be found watching hockey, reading, and enjoying time with her family. Paige currently lives in Western CT with her husband, two children and dog.
Dawn White resides in Southern WV with her husband and three daughters. She has always been an avid reader and seems to live a busy life as a wife and mother. One thing that keeps Dawn sane is her writing. She will always strive to give you the best of her busy mind.

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