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Sexy Holiday Bites - Anthology of Erotica

So, one of my compadres in smut, the delightful Suzy Ayers, had an idea for an Anthology of Erotic short stories with a holiday theme. So she gathered some of her friends, and a few new friends, and had us submit some deliciously salacious tales, which she then tidied up, and put together in this little volume called Sexy Holiday Bites.  And the real beauty of this is - the book is FREE!!


Tantalize your taste buds this holiday season with sinfully and beautifully crafted erotic flash fiction pieces from 9 smoking hot erotica authors. We have a lovely mix of stories that will bewitch, enthrall, and overall put you in the mood. Heat up those chilly nights with this collection of sweet, sexy, and definitely naughty shorts. They can be read alone, but we think they are best shared with that special someone.

The authors that contributed to this anthology are:  Suzy Ayers, Anna Bayes, Jenna Fox, Paige Matthews, John Satisfy, LB Shaw, R.T. Steory, Carrie Anne Ward, and Ashen White


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Crossroads by Paige Matthews


To celebrate the release of Crossroads - here is an excerpt, followed by buy links and a Rafflecopter Giveaway!

Everyone finds themselves at a crossroad in their life.
Caleb Cross is not your typical front man. He is not the bad boy, partying, love 'em and leave 'em persona, although his public image states otherwise. Being the lead singer of the popular rock band, Double Cross, there are a lot of things the fans and the public do not know about Caleb. Sure, he likes to have a little fun now and again, but after a bad publicity stunt, he is determined to shed the ultra badboy image.
Katherine "Kat" Summers is not a typical woman. Not the kind of girl who gets star struck or easily impressed, Kat is content on being herself, who she is. Kat enjoys living in the moment, in both her personal and professional life. Her greatest moment - bedding rock star Caleb Cross, a secret she holds onto to this day. When Kat's company is hired by Caleb Cross to rebrand him, she finds herself testing everything she has known about herself and about her life. Trying to maintain who she is against what she begins to desire, proves to be difficult for Kat, especially when she sees Caleb as he truly is.
For Caleb, hiring a new publicist to help reshape his image was the easy part, but what he doesn't count on is being reunited with the one girl that never wanted him for more than a night. Caleb is forced to confront himself and Kat, in order to learn what he truly wants and who he truly is.
I grabbed my sunglasses from my dresser on the way back to the living room. Kat was sitting on the couch facing the television, head to her thighs. I watched her breath for a few moments, watched her back rise and fall. She was gorgeous, even if she didn’t realize it herself. I felt my chest tighten and my breath catch, as I watched her. I shook off the feelings, and grabbed my keys. “You ready to go?”

She looked up and wiped her eyes. “I guess so.” She stood up and began to walk toward me. I grabbed her face into my hands, and wiped the rest of the tears off her cheeks. I lifted her face to look at me.
“Why were you crying?” I stared into her eyes.
“No reason." She tried to turn her head away from mine, but I held her in place.
“Tell me why you were crying.”
“It’s really not a problem for you to deal with. I said everything was fine.” I could tell that she was uncomfortable. Why, I didn’t really know, but I would find out.
“You were crying, Kat. Something is wrong. Now tell me what had you crying.” I moved her against the wall, and crouched down so that we were eye level with each other.

Kat took a deep breath in, and diverted her eyes everywhere but at me.

“Katherine, tell me what is wrong.” I grabbed her face gently, and forced her to look at me.
“I messed up. That’s it. Nothing you need to worry about.”

Tears formed at the corner of her eyes again, and she looked away. I took her face into my hands again, and brushed my finger over her bottom lip, staring my way into those green irises, hoping I could read her mind. God, I just want to pick her up, throw her on my bed, and make love to her until tomorrow. Instead, I fused my lips to hers, coercing her lips to open with my tongue, so that I could explore her mouth. The sweet taste of her sent my dick straight up. I mapped out her mouth with my tongue, noticing hers exploring back. I felt her body relax, and her hands moved through my hair as I deepened the kiss, pushing her up against the wall with my body, pinning her hips with mine. I tilted her head back and to the side, allowing myself access to her neck, kissing a trail up and down her collar bone and back up to her ears. Reluctantly, I pulled back, placing another quick kiss on her lips.
“You seriously don’t know what you do to me. The control I lose around you. Let’s go, before I lose every ounce of what is left and take you into my room to fuck you senseless.” I grabbed her hand before she could reply, replaced my hat on my head, and walked out the door. We reached the elevator, and I pushed the button for the garage level; still holding her hand, I pulled her close to me. Kat still hadn’t said anything about the kiss, although I could feel her attraction, her arousal, during it. She wanted it as much as I did, or, at least, I thought she did.
We reached the lot and my reserved spots. I decided to take the bike. I could park it easily enough and I wanted to feel her arms wrapped around my waist as we veered in and out of New York traffic. My dick responded at the thought. I handed her a helmet, and sat on the bike, waiting for her to sit behind me.
“Come on, angel, let’s go.”

Kat didn’t move.

“Something wrong?”
“Um. No. Nothing’s wrong. I was just thinking of something, and I’ve never ridden on a bike before.” She was apprehensive, a bit scared. I thought back to our first meeting, and smiled. I knew what she was remembering. This was the same bike that I’d rested against, waiting for her to come out of the bar. I’d had it shipped up the week prior to us arriving. If anything, I wanted to go for a ride.
“Just get on and hold me tight. I’ll do the rest.Trust me.” I winked at her, and held out my hand to help her on. She jumped on and pushed her bag between us, as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I double checked she had her helmet on, and I started the bike. This was going to be fun. Kat tightened her grasp around my waist as I pulled out into traffic. The breeze blowing against my face was a bit cool, but refreshing. I decided to take her to a little boutique that sold the style of clothing that I was looking for. It helped that I was good friends with the owner, Mel. The boutique was small, and out of the way in Chelsea. From first glance, a person might miss it, but I knew I would find the perfect outfit and accessories that I wanted her to wear tonight.
Buy Links:

About the Author:

What do you say about yourself? Aren't we supposed to write these in third person? Oh well, here I go!

I have been writing and reading since I was able to pick up a pen and read a book. I can't even begin to list the amounts of book that I've devoured over the course of my life; from the Babysitter's Club to R.L.Stein to the classics and the novels of my degrees. I have spent countless hours between the covers of classics during my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Western Connecticut State University, resulting in a BA English: Comparative Literature and a MA English: Professional Writing.

Recently, I have been focusing both my writings and my readings in erotica, BDSM and contemporary romance. And no, Fifty Shades of Grey did not get me on the BDSM bandwagon. If anything it opened the idea up more to me, but alas I have my own opinions on the trilogy.
I am trying to focus my writings on the emotional aspects of the erotic world, the emotional bondage of BDSM. I am interested in what makes people want to be dominant or submissive, the connection, etc. But I do like to read about a good flogging and bondage story too, the smuttier the better. :)

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Forever Blue - Elodie Parkes Guest Post

Today I am honoured and delighted to have a guest post by the beautiful Elodie Parkes, for her new release - Forever Blue.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Forever Blue, my December 20 release with Hot Ink Press, was inspired by the woodland near where I live. There’s a mysterious feel about the woods in autumn. It often feels as if something is watching. From the window of the room where I write, I can see across to nearby woods. I hear owls hoot at night. At dusk and dawn, there are strange mists that rise from the trees. It’s very lovely.

Claudie loves living in the countryside and close to the forests. She’s a film maker and works for the wildlife trust. One night she steps onto her patio and sees a man sheltering there. She confronts him and he runs away.
Jasper has watched Claudie for a year. He fell in love with her, but he has a secret, one that might mean he can never approach her.
Will love and fate find a way?
What secret must Jasper hide?
What’s the strange blue dust that turns up on Claudie’s patio?
Five things I wanted for the story, Forever Blue:
1. A heroin who was capable, brave, ready for love, and not afraid to go for it.
2. A hero who was hot, sexy, but not afraid to admit his love and need for his woman.
3. A story that had an element of mystery and strangeness to fit the season.
4. A story that took place in the country where silence and nature can conjure up the ethereal.
5. A love story that sizzled with sex, but which also touches your heart with happiness.

And here's a scintillating excerpt - but, be warned - it's 18+
She looked up into his gorgeous face.
He was propped on one elbow, and smiled at her again. He traced his fingers down her stomach to rest tantalizingly just above where she wanted them to be.
She lifted her hips to him, hoping his hand would slip down and he’d feel how wet she was, how much she needed him.
He closed his eyes as he leaned toward her face and kissed her tenderly. His fingers slid along her wet pussy and then he pushed them into her.
His thumb was against her clit, pressing deliciously. Claudie purred against his lips as they kissed. She rocked against the palm of his hand to have his fingers deeper inside her pussy. She held his shoulder muscles and moaned into his mouth. Her orgasm was building rapidly and she thrust her hips to his pumping.
Against her mouth, he whispered, “Come for me. I’m crazy about you. You feel so good.”
The words filtered through her lust numbed mind as she dug her fingernails into his back when she came, gasping at the intensity of the orgasm.
Jasper removed his fingers gently and lay between her legs.
Claudie ran her fingertips up and down the sides of his body. “Thrust into me.” Her voice made throaty from his nearness, his cock between her thighs, and the way her clit still pulsed.
“Oh, I will.” Jasper whispered into her ear.
A shiver of pleasure ran down to her breasts as he licked her ear. He trailed his tongue down her neck to suck as he slowly pushed his hard thick cock into her pussy. The feel of him, inch after inch, slowly filling her until he gave a final hard thrust was delicious. She held him tight and reached to suck at his neck the way he sucked at hers.
They both softly moaned as they sucked and in unison brought their mouths together to kiss each other slowly, tenderly and then hungrily.
Jasper thrust his cock in and out of her fast and hard. Then he slowed down and raising himself on his knees, he lifted her hips and looked into her eyes.
Claudie’s eyes were only half-open. They were heavy with lust. She felt drugged with sex, but she saw his eyes, and thought they were full of tenderness.
His thrusts were slow as he held her hips and his cock grazed her swollen clit. His hands possessed her hips and he fucked her until she came again moaning his name. Jasper held her under her bottom and pulled her hard onto his cock.
Claudie heard him groan, and then he pounded his cock into her as he came. She opened her eyes to see him come. His eyes were closed and his head thrown back a little. He looked erotic, beautiful, so sexy, and she sighed with pleasure. He’s so gorgeous. I think I’m falling in love with him, or falling in sex with him. I might love him soon. Her thoughts made her smile.
Jasper opened his eyes and gazed at her. He still held her under the bottom. His cock pulsed in her pussy. He smiled. “I’m falling in love with you.” His voice was soft and low.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2013
Get your copy of Forever Blue on Amazon at
About Elodie Parkes:

Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Find Elodie online:

 *   *   *   *   *   *
Great post, Elodie!  And a great read, too!
Ashen xxx

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Skin Deep Review Tour

Today I am reviewing Skin Deep, the first book of the Eternal Forces Series by Megan D. Martin. 

What would you do to have the body of your dreams?

Kiera hates being overweight and hides behind thick layers of clothing. One night, her friends present an opportunity that seems impossible to believe. With a single spell, she can have the thin physique she's always coveted.

But all magic comes with a price: no sex or she'll revert back to her old body. Kiera accepts the cost. It's not like she has men lined up at her door. Obeying this one tiny rule isn't difficult at all—until the night she meets Cain, a were-tiger and a soldier with the Eternal Forces.

When a slew of unexplained murders forces Kiera and Cain together, they'll have to face the horrors of their pasts. Will Kiera realize she is worth more than her outward appearance? Or will she make the wrong choice and lose everything—including her life?

My Review:

Megan Martin has put together a very entertaining and interesting tale as an introduction to her new series of Paranormal Romances. This story, with its strong moral backdrop against bullying and stereotypical attitudes, takes us into a deep, wonderful realm of escapism. Running away from her troubles lands Keira in, what at first, seems even more trouble.  But, falling prey to the dominant were-tiger Cain turns out to be a changing point in her life, and gives her the opportunity to view her true worth from his perspective, and that of the love that grows between them.
 The path to fulfilment is still not easy for Keira, as she continues to face challenges as she progresses through the cathartic series of events and encounters that will test both her resolve, and the potential love between her and Cain.
An excellent novel, with a strong underlying message - most unusual for this genre. Well worth the read.

About the Author
Megan D. Martin is a multi-published author, mother, student and editor. In her spare time she enjoys decorating her house with strange things that do not match, playing her old school Nintendo Entertainment System, and buying fish for her many fish tanks.

You can find Megan on pretty much every social networking site that exists.

Vine: Meeegann