Friday, September 24, 2010

And it's off we jolly well go!

Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!

Many welcomes, yes.  Welcome, Ashen White, to the world of the blog.  And welcome to you, kind reader, for taking a little of your busy time to view my humble scribblings.

And what kind of blog will this be?

A little of everything, I fancy.  Maybe the mad ramblings of a struggling writer, detailing the long or (hopefully) short road to success.  Or the constructive criticisms (a.k.a. "The Whines") derived from the day-to-day experiences - the pleasures, the pains, the people and places - that add grist to the mill of the writer's soul.

I look forward to entertaining you all, and in stirring your emotions and imaginations, and in reading your feedback and comments.

They say writing can be a lonely profession, but, sharing mine with you all will make it less so for me.

So, once again, welcome!

Ashen White

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