Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tarot Spread for Today...

The deck used is the Necronomicon Tarot.

The three cards in this Past, Present, Future spread are: The World, The Knave of Swords, and, reversed, the Ten of Swords.

XXI The World

Technically, The World is the last of the Major Arcana, and symbolizes everything we seek to attain for our journey through life.  The World is, in fact, seen to symbolize the end of the journey, but, in this spread, it is in The Past, indicating that the querent has already enjoyed the fruits of their success.

Knave of Swords

This card usually depicts a young person who is full of life, and who is enjoying their situation.  However, in this spread, the Knave here is a thieving street urchin, which would more likely indicate none of the success shown in the previous card.  Does this indicate that this person has lost everything already? If, so, why so happy? A paradox that lends to the riddle of this spread.

Ten of Swords, Reversed

An interesting card - given my avatar! The Ten of Swords is probably the most fatal card in the deck - symbolic of disastrous results or situations. In most representations, the victim is pierced by the swords - usually not good for one's future (or complexion)! In this representation, the victim is about to be beheaded - again, not usually good for one's future activities - unless you are destined to continue the struggle from beyond the grave! However, this card is reversed, which, in this case, somewhat mutes its negative aspect. Maybe there is some hope, however slim, after all.

This querent has enjoyed success and fidelity in their past, and, even now, whilst either having apparently lost everything, or had those prior gains nullified by what is to come, still has that positive outlook that brought them their sucesses. However, they now have a long, tortuous struggle ahead of them - a major loss, a virulent or malignant illness - that will take them all of their will and strength to overcome.

I wish them luck!


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