Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summer driving season is here!!!

"What's that?" I hear you say! "Summer driving season?  Where?"

Welcome to Canada. folks!

Seasoned Canadians know there's only two seasons north of the border - Winter and Construction!  As soon as the snow starts to melt, and the Sun starts to shine with warmth rather than apathy, then the work on fixing and improving the highways begins.  And to cope with those horrible conditions, we need real vehicles!

Getting the Defender ready for Summer!
 A Land Rover Defender is the only vehicle that can cope with the state of the roads in Ontario.  Other SUV's are mostly just car chassis' dressed up with unstable shells.  Not the Defender!  It's built for real off-road use, and these Ontario roads can be really off!  But in this baby, you can go anywhere the fancy takes you.  And my fancy takes me to many weird and wonderful places, believe me!  So well worth the effort to import!

I'll keep you posted on my travels.
Safe driving, everyone!


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