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#SnippetSaturday - Sisters, Sisters, Sisters

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far! We are having Thunderstorms right now, so I thought I'd heat things up with a snippet from another thread in my Parallel Lives novel!  This one is a really steamy snippet from a *memoir* of one of the male protagonists, a well-endowed chap with a very happy situation! The story is sub-titled "That's What Sisters Are For".

*  *  *  *  *

I remember, when Maggie was out clubbing it, dressed like the sexy little nympho she was, how I’d lie naked in bed in the early hours of the morning, pretending to be asleep as she walked into the bedroom, my massive erection just barely covered by the bed sheet.  Always hoping she’d see it and, assuming I was asleep, take advantage of my rampant manhood and indulge her wildest passions!  Ah – such hopes!

Then, one night just so, she came home slightly later than usual, and a little noisier and drunker, and not alone.  She had, apparently, met up with three of her sisters while out on the town, and the four of them were well along the road of happy intoxication.  There were lots of giggles, “Sh’shings” and stumbles as the four of them climbed the stairs to our apartment and piled into the living room.

I knew Maggie would come into our bedroom to check on Yasmin, the baby, to make sure she was ok, so I prepared myself as usual, following the process with high hopes.  Hey – the drunker she was, short of passing out or puking up, the hornier she was!

A few moments later, the bedroom door slowly opened, and, as expected, Maggie came into the bedroom to check on Yasmin.  I watched her covertly through almost closed eyes.  She was very unsteady on her feet, and quickly took off her heels and kicked them under the bed.  She walked – almost staggered (I was feeling really lucky!) – over to the crib and quickly made sure that Yasmin was asleep and duly covered, then she sat on the corner of the bed with her back to me, her hands down by her sides on the cover, as if trying to steady herself.  I could hear the three sisters laughing and fooling about in the living room, and the clink of bottles as they plundered our liquor supplies.  Maggie seemed as if she was just going to join them, when the bedroom door moved again, and the youngest sister, Kay, came into the room.  She saw Maggie sitting on the bed, and, also unsteadily, stepped over to her.

“Are you ok, Mags?” she asked, putting a hand on her sister’s shoulder and peering into her face.

“Yeah, yeah,” replied Maggie, in her high-pitched, nasal voice.  “Just taking off my shoes ‘n’ stuff.”

Kay moved over to the baby’s crib, and peered in at Yasmin.

“Isn’t she pretty, lying there all cozy and warm?” she burbled.

“Shush!” said Maggie, a bit unkindly.  “You’ll wake her up!”

Just then, Corinna, the middle sister came into the room, too.  “What are you two up to,” she asked quietly, also looking into the crib to see how Yasmin was. 

“Not a lot,” replied Maggie, slipping off her jacket and going into the bathroom and closing the door.  The two sisters regarded Yasmin for a moment, then Corinna looked over at me on the bed, and gave a little giggle.  Nudging Kay, she said under her breath, “look at that!”  Kay looked over at me, and gasped.

“That can’t be real!” she whispered.  “That’s freakin’ huge!  It can’t be real!  He’s just kidding, right?”

Corinna walked over to the foot of the bed, to get a closer look.  I lay there quietly, putting on my best sleeping act ever, my good ol’ lad standing proud and tall, getting hotter by the moment with all of the attention.  “I don’t know,” she said.  “We’ll have to ask Mags when she gets out of there.”

Right on queue, the toilet in the bathroom flushed.  A few moments later, after washing her hands, Maggie emerged from the bathroom and closed the door behind her.  She walked slowly toward the bedroom door, ignoring her two sisters, and was just about to head out of the room, when Corinna stopped her.

“Hey, Maggie, is that for real?” she asked, gesturing with a thumb at my covered throbbing erection.  Maggie stopped to look at me, then flushed slightly and smiled.  Walking over to the bed, she took the corner of the sheet that was all that was covering me, in her hand, and pulled the cover off me, exposing me to the three of them!  My lad had been caught in a fold of the sheet, but quickly sprang back to full attention, hard, erect, and enormous!  The two sisters gasped, and Kay moved over to the side of the bed to get a closer look.

“That’s freakin’ unbelievable!” whispered Corinna.

“It’s freakin’ beautiful,” said Kay.

“It takes some getting used to,” said Maggie, matter-of-factly.  “It can hurt at first, especially if you’ve just come and you’re all tight, but that wears off eventually – with practice, and lots of lubrication!  He’s very proud of his size, and what guy wouldn’t be if they had a cock that big?  Always says he could’ve made a fortune in the pornos.”  She chuckled quietly.

“He still could,” said Corinna.  “That’s if he can keep it hard long enough in front of all those people.  Look at those nuts, too!  So large and smooth, and so-o nicely shaped.”

“Yeah, he likes to keep ‘em hairless,” said Maggie.  “Says it makes him feel sexy!”  She started walking unsteadily out of the room, heading for the living room.  “I need another drink,” she said.

Corinna sat down on the corner of the bed, looking at my throbbing cock.  “That’s fuckin’ beautiful,” she sighed again.  Kay moved closer to her.  “I mean,” Corinna continued, “look at those veins, and the soft underside.  All perfect.”  Suddenly I felt a prick at the base of my cock, just above the scrotum, that moved slowly up the soft underside of the shaft almost to the head.  Corinna had run her little fingernail up my dick!  I mumbled something sleepily incomprehensible, and move slightly on the bed.

“What you doin’?” hissed Kay, somewhat alarmed.

“Did you see that?” Corinna replied in wonder.  “When I did that, his balls moved too.”  She giggled quietly.

“Where?” Kay asked in disbelief.

“Watch closely,” said Corinna.  I felt the prick again, this time a little harder, and moving a little slower, inexorably up my shaft.  I could feel my scrotum tighten as Corinna’s fingernail moved higher and higher.  “See,” she said, triumphantly.

“That’s amazin’!” said Kay in awe.  “Why’s it doing that?”

“It’s getting ready to fuck, that’s why,” replied Corinna.  “Getting those two tender balls safely tucked away so that they don’t get damaged by the activity of fucking!”  She said the word with relish, as if it tasted good in her mouth.

“Can’t say I’ve ever noticed that with Dave,” Kay said.

“Yeah, well, he’s hardly the same size as this now, is he?”  Corinna chuckled.  “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling awfully wet right now!”  She giggled again.

“Mmm, me too,” whispered Kay, longingly.  Just then, the elder sister, Julie, walked into the room, dressed very smartly, as she always was, with a well-filled glass of my very expensive malt whisky in her hand.  Maggie and Julie were definitely the best looking of all the sisters, and the thought of her looking me over in full flight, as it were, made my heartbeat quicken and my prick harden even more, if that were possible.

“Maggie says you two are in here sight-seeing,” Julie said.  “So, what you both lookin…”  She stopped talking when she saw what her sisters were looking at!  Slowly she walked around the bed to where the two women were, keeping the spectacle of my hardness in view as she moved.  “Fuck me!” she gasped after a few moments.  “That’s fuckin’ huge!  How in the name of hell does Maggie cope with that monster, she’s so small?”  She nudged her way between Corinna and Kay to get closer to the bed.  “Oh my, that’s a thing of beauty!  I wish I had a camera.”  Her remark brought a chuckle from Corinna’s lips.

Suddenly I felt a cold hand take hold of my scrotum and squeeze my right testicle gently.  “Nice!” Julie said appreciatively.  “So firm and warm.”  The hand left my balls, and its cold grip asserted itself on the shaft of my cock, just below the head.  Gently but insistently it pulled down my foreskin, all the way, exposing the growing bulge of my glans and the soft, red skin beneath it.  Kay moaned quietly, deep in her throat, while Corinna sucked a breath in between her teeth.

“Look at that,” she sighed.  “So fuckin’ purple and hot!”  I faked a moan, and squirmed a little on the bed, taking the opportunity to pump my penis a little harder, inflating the glans even more.  Julie’s hand maintained its grip, her thin fingers long and strong, and all three women “Mmm’d” as I squirmed.  I moved my right leg up and out, leaving it a little crooked, allowing easier access to my junk.  I then settled down as if back into deep sleep.

Julie continued to hold my cock tightly in her by now warm hand.  She looked aside at both of her sisters, then, turning her head to Corinna, she said, “here, hold this for me.”  She took a big mouthful of scotch and handed her glass to her sister.  She climbed on to the bed on her knees, and up between my legs.  Keeping my foreskin pulled right back, she placed her lips on the tip of my penis, and slowly pushed her mouth down onto my swollen glans, trying all the while to prevent the whisky from escaping down the shaft.  The alcohol in the whisky, coupled with the heat of her mouth, had an almost immediate effect, making the blood rush even quicker to my burning manhood.  Julie sucked me gently for a few moments, but she was obviously having a problem coping with both the size of my cock and the effects of the scotch in her mouth, and, after a very short while, she pulled herself off me, letting the whisky run down my shaft and onto my balls.  She raised her head up and licked her lips, trying unsuccessfully to prevent the scotch from running down her chin and neck.

*  *  *  *  *

Hot or what, eh?  And there's a whole lot more where that came from! I hope you liked what you read, and, if you did, leave me a comment.

Happy Sexy Saturday Reading, y'all!


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