Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Great Rite - The Rejected Cover

I just thought I'd share with you all the original cover for The Great Rite of the Golden Coven. I would have loved to use this cover, but it would have failed the Amazon Purity Test for a good and wholesome Erotic cover!!
I guess you can see why they might have been a little upset by my efforts at producing a nice, enticing cover for my little short story. The final version is very enticing, too, but in a much more subtle way.
The blurb for the story kind of helps, to:
Uncover the ancient secrets of a true Romany Chohawni coven as they undertake the most special Great Rite of their lives! Guided by a mysterious and legendary Dark Grimoire, join them as they learn the true jinnepen (wisdom) of their Romany way, and understand what it really means to be gueri!
The Great Rite of the Golden Coven hits Amazon very, very soon!! :)
I can't wait to share it with you all! :D

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  1. What a shame..I love that cover :)