Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Queen of Storms

Gerry O'Keith loves to collect quaint antiques with an occult flair, but his summer purchase of a one of a kind Tarot deck from an old gypsy witch brings a whole set of new dimensions to his summer nights - and some of them are not as welcome as others!
The long-awaited first tale from The Tarot of the Acolyte introduces us to this most mystical deck, and the vast array of men, women, witches, warlocks, gods, demons and monsters that populate its images!
The Queen of Storms is due to be published in early August, so please leave your email address in a comment below, and I will advise you all when the book is available on Amazon!
For a taste of what's in store, click on the links below:
Don't forget to leave a comment below for publication information!  5 lucky posters will receive a FREE COPY!
Ashen xxx


  1. It sounds very interesting - I'd really like to find out what's in store for Gerry!

    Thank you for introducing us to this series,

    1. The great news is, Karen - you won a copy of Queen of Storms in the Hot August Nights Giveaway!!! Congratulations!!

      I will be sending you your copy later this week when the book is officially published on Amazon!

      TY for stopping by, and let's stay in touch!

      Ashen <3