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Cassie Feels The Heat - Friday the 13th Horror Post

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In honour of it being Friday 13th, I am sharing the opening scene of Temptation - the next story in the Tarot of the Acolyte series of Erotic Horror tales. Better gird your loins - this one is a scorcher!!!
(FYI - I only wrote this yesterday, so it still needs to be edited, so don't expect it to be perfect - yet! ;) )

*   *   *   *   *   *

Cassie Bettancouer lay back in the comfort of the large, soft bed, her eyes closed, the dark red silk sheets gliding over the smoothness of her naked body, tingling her sensitive skin.  Languidly, she stretched out her right arm, tensing and relaxing her muscles in sensuous pleasure, until her hand encountered a long, thick, hard phallus.  Instinctively, her fingers trailed down the shaft, to find two large, perfectly spherical testicles, coddled safely in the thick, soft skin of their sack.  Slowly she traced around the balls with the tip of her index finger, then carefully wrapped her fingers around the smooth, warm sheath of resilient skin covering the cock, gripping it just tightly enough to ensure the skin flowed smoothly over the hot, hard core, as she started to rhythmically stroke up and down the long length of the shaft, enjoying the stimulation that trembled along her arm.

Once she was sure she had a good rhythm going, she stretched out her left arm, to encounter another long, hard prick, waiting there for her pleasure.  Carefully she wrapped her fingers around the impatient flesh, feeling its heat radiate into her hand, and began to stroke it, up and down, keeping pace with the strokes she was administering to the cock in her right hand, luxuriating in the sensations as each hand encountered the soft head of its prick, and then pulled its sheath of skin slowly down over the firmness of the ridged shaft, until she contacted the softness of the balls at the base of each cock.

Keeping her eyes closed, her head rocking gently with growing arousal, she shuddered slightly as a hand grasped each of her firm, round breasts, gently massaging and kneading her ripe flesh.  Slowly, they worked their way around and over her tingling skin until, simultaneously, the fingers of each hand wrapped themselves firmly around the growing hardness of her nipples, squeezing them, nipping them, sending shards of sexual energy radiating into her body and down into the core of her sex, awakening the flow of juices deep within her, and engorging and sensitizing her hardening clitoris.  As if bidden by her thought, fingers trailed down along her sides, then across her thighs, lifting them up and apart, opening up her yoni to their access.  She moaned quietly as they separated her labia, gently running along the inner sides, squabbling around the opening of her cunt, getting her wetter and hotter with each nip and tickle.  She gasped as an errant finger found its way inside of her, and was surprised to hear a deep, low growl from down beyond her feet.

With her head back and neck arched, she opened her eyes in response to the sound, and was confused to find she was not in her bed at home.  Instead, she seemed to be in the middle of a huge rock cavern, illuminated with garish orange-red light that flickered all around her. As she turned her head to look to her left, instead of seeing the face of a normal, human man, she saw the heavily-horned head of a red-skinned devil smiling back at her, its grotesque goat-like features leering lasciviously.  For some strange reason, she didn’t seem too upset about the situation; in fact, if anything, she felt even more aroused by the prospect.  Turning her head to the right, she found the twin of the first devil smiling back at her, its bloated lips parted to reveal two rows of finely pointed needle-like teeth.  The dexterous fingers of each devil continued to caress her breasts and stimulate her yoni, their long, pointed fingernails scoring her most sensitive flesh.  Still she felt no reason to fear her situation, and closed her eyes to revel in their ministrations.

Hearing another deep growl down beyond her feet, and the sudden sound of movement, she opened her eyes once more, to look along her body and out between her raised thighs.  There she saw yet another devil, although this monster was so huge, he made the other two seem like children.  Muscles of enormous size abound across his chest and torso, along his arms and around his shoulders, red skin glistening as if it had just been freshly oiled.  A wide neck, thick with sinews, held up a massively horned head, with pointed ears, and long, razor-sharp fangs that protruded from both jaws.  Seeing Cassie looking at him, he smiled at her, his flame-red eyes ravishing her body, and then spoke, his deep and sonorous voice echoing around the fire-lit cave.

“Are you enjoying yourself, my dear?”  Feeling her body buck and tremble from the stimulations the lesser devils were inflicting upon her, she nodded languidly in response.  “I am so happy about that,” the demonic face continued.  “Would you like a little more?” he asked, glancing down at her exposed cunt, his intentions plain.

“Mm, yes, please, Master,” Cassie replied slowly, sensually, still not seeing any need for concern or worry.  In response, the devil growled low in affirmation, then stepped to the foot of the bed.  Swatting away the fingers of the lesser demons, he placed his own massive gnarled, rough-skinned hands at the apex of her thighs, and slowly massaged her oh-so-willing flesh.  She moaned and bucked as his thumbs ran over the edges of her labia, rubbing her clitoris with their calloused pads, then running down the inside of her soakened, sensitive skin and delving into the hot wetness of her cunt.  It felt so good as they entered into her, stretching her wide, and freeing her juices to flow over his knuckles.  She thrust her vulva against the strength of his ministering hands, while her hands kept their steady rhythm on the silken-skinned pricks of his two minions at her sides.

The cumulative effect of the bestial stimulations soon had her nerves so tense and high; she could feel the waves of orgasm building deep within her, starting their myriad journeys of pleasure around her organs and limbs, heading to the heart of her cunt and the sensual centres of her brain.  She opened her eyes to look at the Master, to tell him of her state, but, before she could speak, he lowered his face between her thighs and covered her clit with his mouth, his strong, prehensile tongue wrapping around her bud and sucking it hard, sending shuddering waves of passion radiating outward from her yoni.  At the same time, the two devils by her sides each covered one of her super-hardened, swollen nipples with their mouths, and started sucking her breasts, while she tightened her grip on their cocks and pumped them harder, pounding down into their balls. 

“Oh, fuck me,” she moaned uncontrollably, lost in the vast array of stimulations and sensations, her body shaking, trembling, exploding.  She felt the Master’s strong, hot tongue entering her cunt, sinking deeply into her, feeling as if it was entering her very womb itself, again and again, adding internal stimulations to all of those she was enjoying on the outside.  Her breath became ragged and uncontrolled, but there was no slacking off from the demons that were indulging in the delights of her body.

The Master withdrew his tongue from the depths of her sexual caverns, and spoke to her again.

“I think that you are ready now, my dear.” 

“Yesss, Master,” Cassie gasped.  Looking down at the Devil between her legs, her eyes opened wide at the sight of the massive length of thick, erect cock he held in his hand, its huge, flame-red head aiming directly at her waiting, wanting yoni.  Still no trace of fear crossed her mind – all she wanted was to feel his wondrous prick fill her more than she’d ever been filled before, feel her tightness stretched and satisfied.

“Oh, Master, Master,” she pleaded.  “Fuck me, Master, please.  I want you in me, Master, fill me, please.”  In response, the huge demon placed the head of his inhuman phallus at the entrance to her cunt, and slowly started to push it into her.  “Aah, Master,” she sighed, feeling her cunt being filled with his huge, throbbing hardness, so tight, it hurt, but, oh – so good, and feeling its heat radiate through her muscular walls and into the heart of her sex.  Despite the length of his monstrous manhood, the devil kept on pushing into her, inch after scorching, stretching inch, far beyond the head of her cervix, entering deep into her womb, until his huge balls banged against her tingling anus, and still she felt only pleasure and stimulation, growing to almost unbearable heights.

Then she felt him pulling out of her, slowly, smoothly, oiled by her wetness, and she sobbed as an emptiness pervaded her body.

“Master, Master, fuck me, Master,” she pleaded again.  “Fill me, Master!”

“You beg so sweetly, my dear,” the demon replied, and smiled.  “How could I deny you, my beautiful one?”  And saying so, he drove back into her, filling her up with one long, slow thrust.  As he did so, she saw him nod at the other two devils, their mouths still sucking on her swollen nipples, and suddenly she felt a ring of sharp, stabbing pain surround each nipple as they sank their needle-like teeth deep into her willing, yielding flesh!  She cried out as the teeth dug deeply into her, each demon taking a mighty mouthful of her breast, and tugging and pulling at the muscular firmness of her glands, but the pain was as pleasurable to her as the feeling of the Master’s mighty cock fucking her.  On and on they bit and pulled, and on and on she pumped their cocks, and on and on the Master fucked her, driving her to orgasmic plateaus she’d never thought were possible.  Every nerve and sinew of her body thrummed with ecstatic pleasure, muscles pulsed and tensed in blissful release, and her mind reeled into a near oblivion of beautiful ecstatic agony.

It was then that she realised that, for some reason, this might not be right.  How could she endure so much pleasure, how could she stay at these orgasmic heights?  And how come, from the ages of continuous masturbation of the two smaller devils, her arms had not tired one bit, nor her hands cramped from gripping them so hard?

“Master?” she said, looking at him, seeking explanation.

“Ah, my dear,” he replied.  “Feel me fucking you, giving you what you need the most.”  His large, strong hands gripped the backs of her thighs, and he thrust into her again and again.  Still she felt unmitigated pleasure with each impalement, but now, instead of feeling herself get used to the size of his phallus, she felt uncomfortably tighter with every thrust the demon drove into her.  Soon the tightness started to burn with friction, despite her wetness, and she realised that his cock was still growing in size.  Then the fear began in her mind, but the bliss of her orgasmic state battled against the doubts, and still he pounded into her.  She thought about ceasing her administration to the cocks of the demons by her sides, whose teeth still ravaged her agonized breasts, gouging blood-soaked rents in her flesh, but she found she couldn’t stop wanking them.  The burning tightness in her cunt brought her mind back to the Master’s cock, which was now so long and large, she could feel it pounding the inside of her abdominal wall, raising her abs a little more each time.  Soon, as she looked down, she could see her stomach bulging with each thrust, could feel the pressure thud inside, and each withdrawal seemed like a blessed relief against his carnal assault.

Suddenly, the pricks of the two lesser demons seemed to grow and harden even more, and, with a wail of pure pleasure from their ghastly, feral lips, great jets of black and steaming semen shout out across her exposed skin, pooling into the valleys of her exquisite abs, where, instantly, they began to burn her flesh away, exposing the muscles underneath, while she screamed in pain and terror, and yet could not stop her hands from stroking that silken, pleasurable skin, each upward movement sending another jet of jizz across her body. 

Then the Master’s massive prick pounded into her again, pushing out her abdomen as if she was pregnant, stretching the acid-riven skin, and sending the viscous black liquid running down her sides.  The agony now far outweighed the pleasure of the fuck, and her body jerked in uncontrollable spasms, as her tortured flesh began to part in ragged gaps, her blood mixing with the smoking black ejaculate from the ever-pumping pricks.  Another powerful thrust from the Master, and the massive head of his mighty prick broke through her weakened, ailing flesh – but it wasn’t the head of a cock that she saw screaming through her gaping womb, it was…

*   *   *   *   *   *
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  1. her own uterus, burst forth,that he might steal his own seed back, now fertile of her his hunger now filled of her willingness

    1. Cool! :)
      Interesting comment, Anonymous!
      A shame I don't know who you are!

  2. she saw the heavily-horned head of a red-skinned devil smiling back at her, its grotesque goat-like features leering lasciviously.