Monday, December 30, 2013

Sexy Holiday Bites - Anthology of Erotica

So, one of my compadres in smut, the delightful Suzy Ayers, had an idea for an Anthology of Erotic short stories with a holiday theme. So she gathered some of her friends, and a few new friends, and had us submit some deliciously salacious tales, which she then tidied up, and put together in this little volume called Sexy Holiday Bites.  And the real beauty of this is - the book is FREE!!


Tantalize your taste buds this holiday season with sinfully and beautifully crafted erotic flash fiction pieces from 9 smoking hot erotica authors. We have a lovely mix of stories that will bewitch, enthrall, and overall put you in the mood. Heat up those chilly nights with this collection of sweet, sexy, and definitely naughty shorts. They can be read alone, but we think they are best shared with that special someone.

The authors that contributed to this anthology are:  Suzy Ayers, Anna Bayes, Jenna Fox, Paige Matthews, John Satisfy, LB Shaw, R.T. Steory, Carrie Anne Ward, and Ashen White


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Dec 30th Ashen White

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