Friday, July 31, 2015

Blue Moon - Myth and Legend

July 31, 2015
The Blue Moon
The lunar cycle is approximately 29.5 days from full moon to full moon. Given that each month is usually at least 30 days, with some being 31, and poor old February getting short changed with just 28 most of the time, it is inevitable that, sooner or later, when a full moon falls very early in a month, there are more than 29.5 days still left, resulting in a second full moon very late in the month. The event of the second full moon in a month has become known as the Blue Moon due to its rarity, giving rise to the old cliché Once in a Blue Moon.
The blue moon has sparked the imagination of many cultures, giving rise to all kinds of myths, legends, old wives tales and proverbs. For instance, in some cultures it is unlucky for girls to stare at a Blue Moon or they will become pregnant by the moon and the child will be a monster! Sadly for this belief, I absolutely intend to be staring at the Blue Moon on the night of July 31 - and I will love my monster, no matter how pretty he or she turns out to be! ;)
Another interesting fact about this Blue Moon is that it coincides with the Celtic/Wiccan festival of Lughnasad, or the Wedding Feast of Lugh, This is one of the Greater Sabbats of the Wiccan calendar, and, as a harvest festival, is accompanied by all kinds of rites and sacrifices, and we will be celebrating our own Great Rite according to our traditions, skyclad and under sky. This is such a liberating and exciting sabbat, and will be much more special with the Blue Moon shining down on us.
Here are a few other superstitions and traditions about the Blue Moon for you to take your pick from:

  • It’s a great idea to pick flowers and berries during a blue moon as it will bring more abundance, love and beauty into your life.
  • If you see a full moon and it is blue, take a coin in your pocket and turn it over for good luck.
  • There is an old English tradition that if you are a housewife and see a blue moon you are to go turn the bed because it will make you more fertile.
  • A Welsh tradition holds that if a member of the family dies during a blue moon, three more will follow.
  • In the gypsy culture, if you sleep with the moon on your face, particularly a blue moon, you may go insane, so blinds were drawn or windows closed during all full moon phases.
  • If you attempt a robbery on the third day of a blue moon it will fail. Best not to rob anything at all.
  • If a person becomes ill during a blue moon phase he will die in 8 days.
  • Looking at a blue moon through glasses or any glass item is considered bad luck for 30 days.
We hope you have fun and a wonderful night for the Blue Moon, and don't forget to celebrate in style!
Ashen xxx 

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