Sunday, September 6, 2015

Temptation - Play List for The Devil...

Well, well, well! It's been a long time coming - although not quite as long as Queen of Storms! - but the next book in the Tarot of the Acolyte series, Temptation, is almost ready to hit the bookshelves! :) Just a few minor tweaks, then out to my delicious betas for a read through, and then - Kaboom!
So, in order to celebrate, I'm posting a brief play list to set the scene for what you are about to receive - and I know you'll be truly thankful! ;) I don't expect there'll be any surprises here, so just enjoy, and start letting your imaginations run wild!
1) The overall theme...
No song I know sets the tone and scene for this book more perfectly than Gimme, by my own Lord and Master, the inimitable Alice Cooper!


2) The action...

The greatest Rock & Roll group in the world provide the inspiration for the interaction between our anti-heroine and the biggest, brightest, most malicious demon of them all! Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones says it all!

3) The Bargain...

Like Mephistopheles in Doctor Faustus, and as Alice mentions above, there is always a price to pay. But here's the sales pitch, performed by Black Sabbath - Nativity In Black! (N.I.B. to those not in the know! ;) )

4) The Outcome...

Of course, when you're dealing with the Devil, there's always consequences, and what song could better portray the drama and terror involved on going against such might than Black Sabbath's very own Black Sabbath?

What a screamfest!!! I can't wait to get your hands on this!! :)

Ashen xxx

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