Sunday, January 23, 2011

Book Review: "gotta have it" by Rachel Kramer Bussel

A brief dip into this collection of delightful, delicious shorts provokes an instant, one word response: "WOW!"

Rachel has collect 69 (ah - yeah!) of the best short erotica stories (1200 words or less), and these pages steam with wonderful tales from such top-notch eroticists as Jeremy Edwards, Angela Caperton, Cecilia Tan, Elizabeth Daniels, Giselle Renarde, Sommer Marsden, not to forget Rachel herself, to name just a few of the 69 authors herein, and the resulting collection is absolutely fantastic.

These stories cover a wide range of steamy, risque situations, where, usually, but not always, the sex comes quick and hard and satisfying.  However, there's still room, even in the space 1200 words allows, for some romantic, thoughtful, and, yes, even caring scenarios that make this more than just a collection of quickies.  Rachel's skill at picking the most sensual yet meaningful stories for her collections, and her vast experience within the erotic arena, gives her access to the most diversified pool of writers and the skillset to know when a story makes the grade - and each of the 69 in this collection make the grade!

Whether a night time read on the bedside table, warming up for a hot, hot night, or a primer for some alone time - we all do it, baby! - this book is a must-have!

Or, like Rachel says - "gotta have it!"


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