Saturday, January 1, 2011

What's coming in 2011...

Now - onto the business of 2011:

Wonderful Rites, (and writes!)
More hot, garden frolics!
Another look or two through the glass floor!
Some tarot readings with a "difference"!
Demons in castles, and a Vampire Queen in a forest storm!

And a new series of steamy White's Nights for you (and me) to drool over!

Continued exposure at Every Night Erotica - thanks to Jennifer and all her people - and new channels that I am only just now discovering.

It's going to be sexy, steamy, fun, FUN, FUN!!!

And the gradual expansion of the genre's I write in to include the horror and real-life nightmares I've been planning over the last few years!

And I am so-o-o-o looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Have a happy, wonderful, sexy 2011!


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