Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snippet - May 20, 2012

Hi there everybody! I hope you're all having a great Sunday, and that you're ready for a little, steamy snippet! :)

For my first Sunday Snippet for Kharisma's Red Lipstick Diaries, I've selected an excerpt from my WIP Jenna and the G-Man.  Jenna is a popular Televison News Weather Caster, whose home life has become less than scintillating as she nears the Big 4-0! So, at the urging of her close friends, she has embarked on a journey of sexual adventures in the hope of bringing sense to the urges that drive her sexual appetites!  At this point of her sojourn, Jenna is about to relive first hand one of the first arousing experiences of her life - at the hands of her gigolo dom!

*   *   *   *   *   *

The crack of a bullwhip right next to her ear startled Jenna alarmingly.  That wasn’t in the tale she had written down for him, it was a…
She gasped loudly as the strands of a cat-o-nine-tails whipped around her right side from behind, the knotted tips spreading across her tightened breast and nipple, breaking her train of thought and stinging her sensitive skin, causing the muscles around her chest to contract reflexively.  Before she could regain what little composure she had, the cat whirled through the air again, and her left side and breast felt the sting of the knotted leather tails, causing her body to twist in the opposite direction.  Grunts of satisfaction and encouragement rose from her watchers.  The cat sang again, and her right ass cheek and side felt the bite of its thongs, then, almost immediately, Conn lashed her left cheek and side.  Sweat ran profusely down her neck and back as she fought to control the myriad of stinging pains from the lashes, light though they were.  Conn was being gentle with her, a fact her mind seemed to absorb and appreciate, even as another lash of the cat wrapped around the top of her right thigh and stung the edges of her exposed labia!  Having understood her tormentor’s sense of keeping the whippings balanced, she knew that the next set of lashes would wrap themselves around the top of her left thigh and target the exposed edges of her cunt, and she smiled inwardly as her prediction came true, her body jerking in response, the stings radiating upward into the core of her flesh.  Then the lashes came frequent and fast – across her breasts to bite into the sensitive skin of her armpits, around the back of her legs to sting around her anus, across her back to wrap around and score her breasts and nipples, then down again between her legs to harry her most sensitive flesh!  Always balanced, always meticulously placed to induce the most amount of pain with the least amount of power – but then, it doesn’t take a lot of power to make the singing cat-o-nine tails hurt!  Conn knew his job well, and her stinging, tortured skin burned from the myriad of lash tracks, as she struggled to internalize the endless stabs of pain and use it to her advantage – whatever that might be, although at this moment she was far from knowing!
Then, the whipping ceased, and Jenna Ashton swung on her gallows, a gasping mass of brutalized nerve endings and twitching muscles.  Her skin was soaked with sweat, which ran across the burning wheals of the whiplashes, adding salt to the sting of the leather knots.  Paradoxically, the insides of her thighs were wet with the juices seeping uncontrollably from the tingling lips of her soaking cunt, the atmosphere of the room redolent with the aromas of perspiration and sex!
And she felt so alive, so aroused, so hot – not how she had expected to feel at all.  Cowed, ashamed, dirty – none of those emotions existed within her!  She felt wonderful, ecstatic, powerful.  Every bruised nerve, lash streak and whip score radiated right into the heart of her cunt and the soul of her heart, bringing her close to orgasmic release!  But she reminded herself that they had only completed half of the story she had written down for Conn, and that the best – or, maybe, the worst – was yet to come!
*   *   *   *   *   *

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet from Jenna's erotic adventures.  Please leave as comment below to let me know, and I look forward to sharing more snippets next week! And don't forget to visit the other sites on this Sunday Snippets blog-hop!

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  1. Very tantalising excerpt, Ashen. Look forward to reading more!

  2. That is awesome! I can't wait to read it!

    Michelle V

  3. Oh great snippet -- I love it. Looks like this is def going to have to go in my TBR. :D
    Thanks for participating this week too :D

  4. I've been following some of Jenna's adventures on Horny Hump Day, and this really adds to my interest. Good work, Ashen!

  5. Kewl, kewl blog! Well done, and the Sunday Snippet is great. Thanks so much for joining us, Keta

  6. Very intense snippet, Ashen.