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Sunday Snippets - May 26, 2012

Hi there, y'all! Another busy, busy week has slipped by, and it's time for a sweet Sunday Snippet!

I've been so busy editing the first 30,000 words of Jenna and the G-Man, so I thought a change was in order this week - so my selection this week is from one of my other WIP's, Parallel Lives, and is another delectable slice of the Sisters thread in the book.  Here, our well endowed and very skillful hero is bringing some sensual first-time experiences to one of his girl-friend's sisters...

*   *   *   *   *   *
“How do you want me?” she asked shyly.
“Hmm.” I said.  “Why don’t you move over here?”  I knelt up on the bed, and helped her move so that she was lying in an almost normal position in the middle of the mattress.  “And I don’t think we need these,” I said, as I gently pulled off her panties, exposing her hot, wet yoni to my eyes for the first time.  She blushed as I took a good, long look at her exposed crotch, and I smiled back at her.  “You’ve got a beautiful pussy,” I said, and it was, too.  Like her sister Maggie, she had small, high outer labia, pale and freckled, smooth skinned, sloping gently from her mons, stretching back to fade together at the narrow isthmus just above the small, circular pucker of her anus, which was itself, smooth and pink.  Between her outer labia, her dark pink inner labia protruded just enough to be seen, curling gently together around the rise of her clitoris, like a small, pink rosebud.  Toward the back of her yoni, these labia parted slightly then shrunk away, showing the wetness within that lead to the entrance to her cunt.  “Has anyone ever told you that before?”
She blushed again.  “No one has ever looked at me down there in that way before,” she replied.  “Only doctors.”
“That’s a shame,” I said, “and I’m glad I could let you know that.”  She beamed a smile at me, her blue eyes sparkling.  “Now then,” I said, “let’s get down to the business of Mmmmm!”
“Just a minute, Jay,” she said and, sitting up, she quickly took off the rest of her clothes, throwing them on the floor, then lay back on the bed, fully naked.  She had fairer skin than Maggie, pale, smooth and freckled from the sun.  Her breasts were firm and well rounded, not too big, with nipples already erect in sexual anticipation.  Fine fair hair glistened on her stomach, which was tense and flat, showing the tight cuts of her abdominal muscles.
“Icing on the cake, Jules, icing on the cake!” I whispered, smiling at her.  She blushed even more, the flush running down her neck onto her breasts, and smiled back at me.  I took my pillow and, placing a hand under her bottom, I gently lifted her up and placed the pillow under her cheeks.  Lowering her down now resulted in her yoni being raised up for me to have better access.
“I think we’re just about ready now, so just relax, indulge your wildest desires in your mind, and enjoy the way I’m going to make you feel.”  I rubbed my hands along the inside of her thighs, almost up to her labia, then down again, then up, massaging the tension out of them.  Then, pushing her knees gently upwards and outwards, I opened up her blossom to my view.  Her juices glistened, and she breathed in deeply.  I lowered myself down until my face was a few inches from her pussy, then, supporting my body over the end of the bed, I gently separated her labia a little wider, and took a deep sniff of her scents, filling my lungs.  My throat tightened, and I gently blew on her exposed clitors and inner labia.  She inhaled sharply, and bit her lip sensually, her eyes closing in anticipation.  I sucked gently along the heavy tendons on either side of her vulva, working from a few inches up her inner thighs, down towards her pussy, massaging them with my tongue and lips, and she moaned quietly, softly.  A drop of juice appeared right at the base of her vagina, trying to escape onto the bed, but I spotted it and gently licked it off, causing her to shudder with surprise.  With just a little pressure, I ran my tongue from the base of her slit, just above the pucker of her anus, up almost to her clitoris, crossing the entrance of her vagina as I went.  Again and again I worked my tongue up the inner sides of her labia, left then right, left then right, stopping every once in a while to suck a lip gently into my mouth.  Each time the shudders lessened as she adapted to the feel of my tongue and its actions.  After a few moments I stopped and looked up along her naked body.  “How’s that so far?” I asked.
She lifted her head and looked down at me.  “That’s absolutely wonderful, Jay.  So soft, like warm, moist velvet.  I never thought…” she left the sentence unfinished, and I lowered my head again.
I ran my tongue around the hole of her vagina, then quickly moved it up and worked around her clitoris.  Her breathing started to shorten as her pre-orgasmic tension started to build.  I covered her love button with my mouth and started to suck it, oh, so gently.  A deep, guttural “Aaaah!” broke through her lips, and her head started to rock slowly from side to side.  I continued to suck her clit while gently circling the entrance to her vagina with the tip of my right index finger.  Her hips thrust up to accept my ministrations, but I kept playing only at the end of her tunnel.  Wetting my middle finger with her vaginal fluids, I then gently stroked it across her anus, eliciting yet another guttural moan and a pelvic thrust.  I continued to work on all three fronts, inserting my finger a little further into her vagina, rubbing her anal pucker with the back of my middle finger, and increasing the pressure of my lips and tongue on her clitoris.  Juices continued to flow from her vagina onto my finger and her anus and, with her next pelvic thrust, I let the end of my finger enter her anus.
“Oh, oh,” she jerked.  I looked up at her again.
“Is that ok for you,” I asked.
“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” she moaned, not looking up.  “Don’t stop, Jay, don’t stop.  It’s wonderful.”  I lowered my head and started rubbing my tongue on her love button with renewed but gentle vigour.  The muscles of her abdomen tightened even more, and her legs began to shudder as climax approached.  I started working both fingers further into her vagina and anus, her anus gripping my middle finger in a smooth, strong vice.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Isn't that nice and sweet and sexy? ;)

When I read it now, I can tell it's one of my early forays into the erotica genre, and could stand a little editing itself!  I'll do that when I get beck to this WIP after I've polished off a few of the others!!

If you like my little snippet, please leave a comment below! And don't forget to check out the other Sunday Snippet's at Red Lipstick Diaries!

Have a HOT and Wonderful week, until next week!


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