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Every Night Erotica - Coins and Dice

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I hope you all are having a steamy Sunday!  And now, here I am to heat things up even more!

At 9:00 PM PT - 12:00 Midnight EST, my hot BDSM short Coins and Dice #1 is being published by those wonderful folk at EveryNightErotica.comThis little story is based on an entertaining (and very satisfying!) BDSM game that my friends and I like to indulge in every now and then.  Please check it out and give me a little rating at the bottom of the story!
As promised in my blurb to the story, below are the rules to the game.  Nice and easy!
There are 5 Rolls of the Dice and 2 Tosses of the Coins.
1) The first toss of the coin - Who will be the dominating partner
This is a best of three tosses!
Choose who will be Heads, and who Tails.  The coin is tossed three times, and the person who has the higher number will be the dominating partner for this game, and the other person the sub.
If there are more than two partners, the first pair plays best of three, the winner being a dom.  The loser plays with the next person, and the winner becomes a dom.  This repeats until the last couple play, the winner also becoming a dom.  There can be only one sub, everyone else is a dom.
As soon as the sub is decided she/he must immediately strip completely.  Subs are not allowed to wear clothes nor cover themselves with blankets/towels/etc unless given permission.
From this point on in the game, the sub is a spectator as the dom(s) complete(s) the additional dice rolls and coin tosses.
2) The first roll of the die - Activities
How many activities the dom must complete before the sub is allowed to come.
Kissing the mouth, kissing, sucking or tweaking nipples or testicles, and stimulating the clit or cock with fingers are not activities – they are foreplay.  Pretty much anything else designed to stimulate or punish the sub is an activity.
If there is more than one dom, the activities are shared between them – the sub is not subjected to more than 6 activities before being allowed to come.
3) Second roll of the die - Restraints

How severe the restraints on the sub will be:
1)  No restraints – but the dom decides whether the sub is allowed to touch the dom or not
2)  Gentle arm restraints – the sub never touches the dom
3)  Arms and legs restrained
4)  Arms and legs fully bound – dom decides on blindfold OR gag OR neither
5)  Sub fully bound at arms and legs, gagged and blindfolded, and tied down to a suitable surface
6)  Sub fully restrained at arms and legs, blindfold, and suspended if in the dungeon
4) Third roll of the die - Toys
How many additional toys the dom(s) can use.
Restraints decided in (3) above are not included in the toy count.  Similarly, if a strap-on is being used (see 5 below) it is not part of the toy count.  Anything else used is part of the toy count.  This includes:
·  Nipple/Testicle clamps (2 count as 1 toy).
·  Vibrators, dildos, etc – each counts as 1 toy.
·  Any kind of whip, flogger, paddle, etc.  Each counts as 1 toy.
·  Any additional restraint to those decided in (3) above – i.e. a gag or blindfold if not granted by
    the role of the die.  Each counts as 1 toy.

5) Fourth roll of the die - Strap-On
How big the strap-on will be:
1)  No strap-on
2)  6 inches long, narrow
3)  6 inches long, thick, and/or vibrating
4)  8 inches long, narrow
5)  8 inches long, thick, and/or vibrating
6)  10 inches long, thick, and/or vibrating
If the dom is a male, and does not want to use a strap on, he gets to choose TWO additional toys.
6) Second toss of the coin - Where the strap-on goes:
·  Heads – the vagina
·  Tails – the anus
A word of Caution to the Inexperienced: A 10 inch strap-on is best used for anal penetration for women, as the vagina can be seriously damaged during passionate sex with a 10 inch dildo!
If the sub is male, then a variation of where the strap-on goes can be invented.
7) Final roll of the die - Where the action will take place:
1)      Bedroom
2)      Bathroom
3)      Living room
4)      Dining room
5)      Dungeon (or equivalent)
6)      Garden
Bathrooms can be problematical for restraint, so partners need to decide on alternative restraints – towels, bath full of hot or cold water, shower, etc.
Dining rooms are especially plentiful in various surfaces to restrain a sub to, and how.  Don’t just sit her on a chair, tie her to it, over the back, head down, leaving her ass to your tender ministrations!  And, remember, tables were designed for being eaten off of!
From the last roll of the die, there is a fifteen minute period for the sub and the dom(s) to make their preparations.  Then – it’s down to business!
And there you have it - a whole lot of fun just waiting to be made!
I'd love to hear about your experiences if you play the game, and of any variations you dream up!  Just remember to be horny and imaginative!!  It's all about the fun!
And don't forget to read Coins and Dice #1 and Coins and Dice #2 on, and give me a rating and leave me a comment!
Until next time - stay Hot and Horny, y'all!
Ashen xxx

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