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Sexy Sunday Guest Post - Jewels Moss

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This week, I am honoured and delighted to have the talented Jewels Moss on board for a guest blog.  So sit back and enjoy! (And, just a quick apology! Jewels sent me a beautiful cover pic of The Siren's Song, but, no matter how I tried, Blogger would not let me upload them!)

Over to you, Jewels...

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Hi there, everyone!
I am so happy to be a guest on Ashen's blog this week.  I am a Paranomal Fiction and Sci-Fi writer who wanted to venture into the world of Erotica. My erotic short The Siren's Song and my Collection of Shorts - Naughty Tales - are just the beginning. My full length novel Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find the Hole should be out at the end of this month. I am so excited about it!
Here's a little background about The Siren's Song, followed by a little excerpt to whet your appetite!
Celeste is a Siren, the spawn of Satan and only in this world to do one thing. That one thing is seduce men to kill them and send their soul to her father. She has been good at this job for thousands of years. One day a man sails into her clutches that she doesn't want to let go, she has never felt passion and desire as she does when she kisses him. Too bad he has to die.

William is a young man on a great adventure. A lovely song makes him break his course and to his men's shock he dives into the ocean to go searching for it. What he finds is a gorgeous and mysterious woman who he desires more than any lady he has ever set his eyes upon. She has a secret though, and when he finds out he will want to run or swim for his life.

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And now - a little Excerpt:

The feelings he was invoking in her scared her, and needing to distance herself from them she sank to her knees in front of him. She started to undo his pants wanting him to prove to her that he was no better than the other men she had given to Father. He would give into his desire and then she would be over these insane feelings.

He surprised her again when he grabbed her hands and sunk down to the sand in front of her.

“Why are you doing that, angel,” he asked. “You don’t know me, and I want to know you.”

The tenderness with which he caressed her cheek touched her to her soul, if she had one. She couldn’t let a human man be here like this. He was getting too involved with her already. Her trance wasn’t working on him, and she wondered if he may be supernatural as well. She cocked her head a little studying him curiously.

He brought his lips to hers then, brushing them softly not pushing for more. She was astonished by the rush she felt from such a small amount of contact. Her skin was on fire and she wanted him to touch her everywhere it burned. The hair on the back of her neck was standing up and she wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. This was a hard thing for her to come to grips with, as it was usually the other way around.

She found herself wanting to taste his kiss again, and wanting to feel his tongue in her mouth probing her dark secrets until they spilled from her. Wanting to feel his body weight on top of her pressing her into the sand and moving within her as he whispered to her how he worshipped her. These thoughts unnerved her and she wanted to warn him of what she was in the hopes that he would flee before she could kill him.

She was in over her head, and if she had her way he would neither leave through death’s kiss or to go back to his human life. If she got what she desired he would stay with her forever.


William was still shocked by the beauty he was holding in his arms. His eyes went wide as she sunk to her knees in front of him and tried to undo his pants. He fought back a groan as his length hardened at the thought of her sweet mouth wrapped around him.

What was she doing?

He sunk down to eye level with her so she could see his sincerity. He wanted to know her and find out where she came from. He couldn’t deny that he wanted her badly. The ache in his pants reminded him of that as she wet her lips.

He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers, testing the waters. The quick kiss was more than he could have hoped for. Electricity buzzed between them, and he could literally feel the desire she had for him coming at him like a heavy mist.

His hands moved tentatively down her sides and he pulled her warm frame towards him. His mind turned to thoughts of her naked beneath him screaming and clawing his back. Was she sending him these thoughts? His mind was cloudy for a minute, but he shook it away and looked back into those green eyes of hers.

He leaned over and started to place light kisses on her shoulders, up her neck, and to her ear. Savoring every second of her being near him he wanted to worship her. She shivered as his lips moved over her skin and he took that as a sign that she liked it. Her arms wrapped around him and he had another flash of him deep inside of her, this time against the rock he had first seen her on. She had her legs wrapped tightly around him, and her head was thrown back in ecstasy. He shook his head again, and it was gone.

He tucked her golden ringlets behind her ears and continued kissing her all over her face. She closed her eyes and allowed him to do it so he wasn’t going to stop. When he took her mouth she welcomed him into her, his tongue moving inside hungrily. She tasted so good and he didn’t think he would ever get enough of her. She matched his passion in the kiss and soon had him pulled down on top of her. She stroked his back as he continued to kiss her deeply and ignited a stifling need inside of him.

His shaft was rock hard and he knew she could feel it pressing against her, but he didn’t care anymore. The desire he felt for her was all consuming. He wanted to separate the clothing from her body and move his lips over every inch of her. As he went to pull away she grasped the back of his head making sure he continued to kiss her as she arched her back pressing herself into him.

Lost in the smell, the feel, and the taste of her he continued to kiss her, and roam her perfect body with his hands.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I hope you enjoy reading about Celeste, and will stay tuned for all I have coming!

Thanks for reading xxx Jewels

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You can buy The Siren's Song on Amazon from the link here, and you can buy Naughty Tales from the Amazon link here.

Thank you for the excellent blog post, Jewels. I wish you very success with your books, and look forward to Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find the Hole.

Have a HOT week, everyone!


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