Saturday, October 5, 2013

Queen of Storms - Available Now!!!

Welcome to the Tarot of the Acolyte

I am so happy to announce that Queen of Storms is available now on!!

Our sojourn into the realms of the Tarot of the Acolyte begins with Gerry O’Keith, a strong, likeable guy, with a beautiful fiancĂ©, a great job, a secluded lakeside summer cottage, and a big, black Harley.  Travelling out for some rest and relaxation, the couple stop off in the small town of Orangeville, where a visit to a small bookstore results in Gerry buying a one-of-a-kind Tarot deck from a strange, old gypsy woman.  When the couple sit down to study the deck, they are entranced at its beautiful artwork.  But, more than that, Gerry is attracted to the sexual symbolism of some of the scenes depicted on the cards, and finds that, the more he ponders their allure, the more difficult it becomes to separate reality from illusion.  Then, on a dark and stormy night…
It's scorchingly hot and filled with paranormal characters and events that will keep you guessing right up to the scintillating conclusion!
Get your copy now, and join me on the journey of a lifetime!
Ashen, xxx

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