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Sables Sweet Dreams Halloween Blog Hop - Oct 26

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Here is my post for Sable's Sweet Dreams Halloween Blog Hop, and it's a scorcher! Oh, yes!
Today I'm sharing a scene from the Halloween masque Jenna Ashton gets to experience in Discovering Jenna, my upcoming novel of sexual rediscovery and fulfillment.  Here we find our intrepid heroine suspended, naked and masked, in the Open Parking Lot of the Halloween dungeon.  The mask she is wearing is full face, which shows that she's a "mummer" - i.e., she is a sub that's not allowed to talk, except to say her safeword!  Also, the Open Parking Lot is a place where doms can leave their subs chained or fettered in some way, and where anyone else in the dungeon can "enjoy" their delights, if you get my drift! ;)  Jenna has actually been left there accidentally (or so she thinks!) by the dominatrix introducing her to the BDSM lifestyle.
Anyway - enough of my prattle! Here's the excerpt - enjoy, and leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Leave your email address, too, and one lucky winner will win a copy of Queen of Storms! :)
*   *   *   *   *   *
“And what do we have here?” the deep masculine voice rolled over Jenna Ashton’s naked shoulder, sending a ripple of surprise through her body.  “A poor, little sub, all alone in the dungeon, hanging there for anyone to enjoy.  Mm, and a mummer, too,” the voice said, referring to the white Halloween mask that covered Jenna’s entire face, indicating she was not allowed to speak.
A black blindfold suddenly covered the eyeholes of her mask, plunging her into darkness.  You don’t have a problem with a blindfold, do you?”  His voice was quiet but commanding in her ear, and she shook her head in response.
“That’s good,” he said, and Jenna felt the warm air surrounding her move as he walked around her.  “Just checking your safe-word,” he said.  “Did you want to use your safe-word right now?”
Jenna considered for a moment.  He was offering her a way out before he started anything serious.  This was her opportunity to say “Stop!”  But, if she didn’t use her safe-word, she was committing herself to everything that followed.  Was she ready for that?  A thrill of wantonness rippled through her body, telling her all she wanted to know, and she shook her head.
“That’s a good sub,” the voice said.
Suddenly she felt the hard tips of what seemed to be a stiff switch being dragged slowly down the inside of her suspended left arm, across her sensitive armpit, then down over her breast, sending ripples of arousal ricocheting through her, and leaving a trail of sensitized tracks on her skin.  The movement was repeated across her right arm and breast, causing her to moan gently through her mask.
“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” the voice asked sardonically, and Jenna nodded in response.  “She enjoyed that!” the voice said loudly, and Jenna heard the murmurs of a small audience respond to his statement, sending a wave of panic through her, which aroused her even more!
The switch now slapped the insides of her knees, repeating a little harder until she separated her legs widely enough to satisfy the dom.  He slowly dragged the tips of the switch up the inside of her thigh, across the lips of her yoni, and up across her hip, repeating the motion on her other leg.  He performed the entire process a few more times, leaving trails of her juices tingling on her skin, and her cunt aching to be touched.
“I think she’s ready for you now,” the dom said to someone nearby.
“Thank you, master,” replied the sweet, dulcet voice of a young woman.  Jenna felt the air move between her legs, followed by the gentle touch of soft, warm skin against her inner thighs, as the woman knelt between her legs and pushed them apart with a nudge of her shoulders.  Jenna’s stomach knotted up at the thought of the imminent public oral sex she was about to be a part of, but her cunt seemed to go into an overdrive of wanton lust, and her vulva suddenly thrust forward toward the sub’s head.
“It’s my sub’s birthday, and you’re part of her gift,” the dom growled into Jenna’s ear.  “You only come when I tell you to, understand?” 
Jenna nodded, and felt the dom move behind her.  Kneeling in front of her, the sub gently ran her hands up the insides of Jenna’s thighs, her fingers tripping across Jenna’s tingling cunt lips, releasing a stream of pent-up juices.  Jenna felt a warm, stimulating breeze across her yoni as the sub blew on her labia, then trembled with arousal as she felt her lips penetrated by the sub’s hot, wet tongue.
Deftly the sub covered Jenna’s hard, hot clit with her lips, and rubbed it hard with her tongue, causing Jenna to gasp and squirm with pleasure.  Then the sub’s tongue swooped down to the entrance to Jenna’s aching, wanting vagina, and delved deep inside.  Already aroused from the switch, Jenna was quickly approaching orgasm, her body betraying her upcoming release.  Then she felt the body of the dom push against her back, and his arms wrapped around her chest, his calloused hands grasping her nipples and tweaking them unmercifully.
The sub returned her tongue to Jenna’s clit with renewed vigour, and Jenna’s body bucked and twisted under the dual ministrations of master and sub, her lungs gasping to breathe through the mask.
“You can come now, sub!”
And come Jenna did, with huge moans and pulsing muscles, all over the sub’s face!
There was a round of applause from the audience but, by the time the blindfold came off, there wasn’t a soul in sight.
*   *   *   *   *   *
Oh, my! Was that good, or what? How would you feel or react if you were in Jenna's situation? Could you do it - could you be that naughty? Anonymous, public oral sex!! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below - and have a chance to win a copy of Queen of Storms!! :)
Until tomorrow, my sexy people!!
Ashen xxx



  1. Thanks so much for the giveaway. Love the excerpt it was hotttt. Not to sure I could do what Jenna did because to be in the scene I would have to be the center of attention and I am never comfortable in the spotlight.


  2. Quite arousing, Ashen. And exquisitely intense.