Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting started in Erotica...

A friend on LinkedIn asked me today how I got started in Erotica, and here is part of the answer I wrote to her.


How did I start in erotica? Funnily enough, erotica was not my first choice of genre – not even close!  My original interest was Epic Fantasy – I was (am!) going to be the next Tolkien, and earn a fortune writing huge tomes of imaginary adventures populated by fantastic beings and filled with incredible dangers!  At the time, many of the so-called gurus of the genre were advocating making your scenes as detailed as possible – you can’t have too much detail in a fantasy world!  The more, the better, as it helps the reader visualize your world that much easier.

One of the aspects of fantasy that I had thought were missing – and still do – were the menial chores of everyday human life.  Things such as having to urinate, or doing a number 2, etc.  My thinking was – if we have to be very detailed, how come these details are being missed out?  A few of my scenes involved the developing relationships between various characters, and developing these eventually produced some very erotic narratives, which I thoroughly enjoyed writing!  ;-)

One of the sad aspects of writing Epic Fantasy is that it takes so darn long to produce anything worthwhile!  I had many other commitments in my life, and getting the time needed to do justice to my stories became more and more difficult.  So I started work on some smaller endeavors, which were based more in the real world, and erotica seemed to be a natural focus.  So I started experimenting with some short stories, and the feedback I got was very supportive and positive.  Then, the Every Night Erotica website started up, and, so far, has published 4 of my submissions, and I have one waiting a decision, and 8 more in the pipeline!


More later...


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