Saturday, October 9, 2010

Latest Submission...

Today I submitted "What Renzo Didn't See" to Every Night Erotica.  This is a continuation of the "Adventures of Kelly", and we've progressed from the back garden into the house and up into the bedroom!!  I'll just leave it to your imagination what she and her old school friend get up to there!  ;-)

Seriously, though, I am often surprised by how much personal involvement I feel when writing these stories.  Sure, I am writing a story around a character, but I am the kind of writer who really needs to feel the emotions and sensations my characters do.  The more you feel, the better you can portray their actions and reactions.  A long while back, a writing mentor told me that the best characters are those you, as the writer, really love.  In this statement, she meant love in its purest form, not just as a passing thought.  You need to invest time and care in developing your characters, even in a short story, so you have to know them inside out - who else can know them the way you do?  They are your babies, and are, in part, developed out of your feelings and emotions.  If you don't love them, your readers will see that, and not love them either.

Writing for me is very emotional, because I can feel the emotions and physical sensations of my characters deep within me as I write about them and their situations.  With erotica, this is even more so the case, because the activities they are partaking of inherently carry a lot of physical sensations and feelings that have to be portrayed, otherwise, all you are doing is writing pornography.  In trying to make erotica as realistic as possible, it is impossible not to feel what they are feeling, and enjoy what they are enjoying.  And that is why, for me, writing erotica is both very enjoyable, but also very draining.  It's like all the feelings and sensations of the relationship(s) being portrayed, without the actual physical activity.  Hopefully, I'll get to enjoy some of that later!  ;-)

Kelly's adventures will continue in "What Renzo Sees Later", and conclude in "Renzo and Me".  I'm looking forward to completing the saga, and I hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.


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  1. Ashen looking forward to seeing 'What Renzo Sees Next' published at on Sunday, October 17th!